Posted by Alex Morris on 29th Jan 2016

​DLC Provides Accountability and Reliability for Commercial Lighting Needs

Every day at Atlanta Light Bulbs we are excited to talk to customers about brand new technology and rapidly changing industry trends to improve efficiency and quality for them or their own customers. Especially in terms of solid-state lighting and LEDs, the market for solutions is truly expanding daily and the amount of substitutes and upgrades one can find will only grow exponentially! These changes are not without challenges, however, as the amount of information and brands to analyze can become staggering. A quick internet search may pull up hundreds of options for your lighting needs that are manufactured in different countries, but how do you know you are getting a reliable product? Besides relying on a trusted lighting expert to rely on as a consistent resource, there are widely respected industry standards that measure accountability.

Design Lights Consortium

One of these is the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) rating specific to the lighting industry. Originally focused in the northeast, it has quickly become a national standard. DLC is different than federal government initiatives (such as Energy Star ratings) that may focus on many things related to safety and environmental concerns. Hence, DLC is more important in the field of commercial lighting than it is to residential consumers. While basic safety concerns are important in their own right, DLC focuses on specific qualities to let you know you are getting a high-quality product.

You can visit to browse the qualified products list (QPL) of over 150,000 products and you can also search by manufacturer. The DLC qualifies commercial LED luminaires, retrofit kits, and linear replacement lamps for inclusion in DLC members' energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs. Products are tested by a third party and there is an extensive process for manufacturers to get products on the approved list. The site also offers the ability to search lighting categories and the specifications used to qualify them. For instance, you can search linear replacement lamps for criteria for individual lamps and fixture spacing. Some of these measurements include Color Rendering Index and initial light output (measured in lumens).

Being your trusted lighting resource means more than finding the right product, it’s about providing reliable solutions over the long haul. Our 35+ years in this business has taught us that customers want a go-to distributor that will be there to help them should any issues arise. Knowledge of DLC standards will give you that piece of mind and also offer a great selling point to your customer. Ask our experts more!