Posted by Doug Root on 7th Sep 2020

Corn Cob LEDs: What They Are and Why to Use Them

Have you ever seen those cylindrical light “bulbs” that look like they have strips of lights running up and down their sides? They look only slightly similar to traditional light bulbs and contain a number of small light-emitting fixtures instead of a bulb and a filament.

These lights, of which one is pictured at the top of this article, bear a superficial resemblance to a cob of corn, which is exactly why you will hear an example of such a specimen referred to as a corn cob or a corn cob LED bulb, even occasionally as an LED corn bulb.

These bulbs, although they might look odd, are actually specifically designed to offer a number of benefits for users of certain high-intensity discharge lamps like metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and others.

HID lights, like these mentioned above, are widely used in outdoor and indoor area lighting because they offer a very high light output and are relatively energy-efficient while at the same time affording the user a decent lifespan.

However, with a little research and tinkering, you may be able to replace your HID lamps with LED corn lights and realize some of the following advantages that you might be able to get from a so-called corn cob LED.

1.Energy Efficiency

First up is the fact that corn cob LEDs, like other LEDs, are enormously energy efficient. This has made them attractive to homeowners because they blow the energy efficiency of incandescent bulbs right out of the water.

In this case, they are much more efficient than the HID bulbs that they are intended to replace. Considering the fact that an array of HID high bay lighting or street lights will draw much more energy than a domestic incandescent, there is even more reason to look into corn cob retrofits. You’ll pay once for the replacement but then you can be reaping energy savings from there on out.

2.They’re Cool

We don’t mean that they look cool, although they do; what we’re saying is that these bulbs are cool, literally. Compared to HID lamps which can generate a significant amount of heat while they are burning, LED lamps produce very, very little. They produce some heat but it’s nowhere near what is produced by equivalent HID lamps.

Why should this matter? Well, if you are using HID lamps inside of a warehouse or factory, you might be able to save not only on the energy costs of lighting them but also on cooling costs in the summer. Energy-efficient LED lighting has saved more than one organization on cooling costs after switching from HID lamps, and you might be able to accomplish the same.

3.Comparable or Superior Brightness

You’d have to compare apples to apples for this one, and you can always ask our customer service team for insight, but there are corn cob LED lights out there that are bright or brighter than the HID lamps that they are intended to replace. Therefore, you can the same light output for a fraction of the energy cost.

4.They Stay Bright

The other thing to consider with corn cob lamps is that they will stay brighter for much longer than equivalent HID lamps. They don’t just match or exceed the light output, and quite often at that, but they also remain brighter for longer. By contrast, HID lamps start to lose brightness from the very moment you switch them on.

5.Long Lifespan

Finally, there is the fact that LED corn cob lamps are intended to last significantly longer than the HIDs that they will replace. LEDs are well known for their longevity and in this instance, they are no different. Making the switch to LED lights from HIDs like HPS or MH lamps will give you the ability to go longer without switching your light bulbs out in the future. That has the potential to save you not only time but money as well.

You may have recognized some of these benefits from our previous blog entry which specifically focused on the advantages of LED lights, and in truth, many of them are common ground. What makes a corn cob LED special, specifically, is the fact that it has been designed to take the place of a similar HID lamp and so can become beneficial to those people that have to manage or see to lighting.

If you are interested in corn cob lamps and want to learn more about how they work and why they might be a better choice for you, make sure you reach out to our team for more information. We’d be glad to put you in touch with the equipment you need and more than happy to furnish you with more information. Give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 and we’ll help you out because there are other benefits of these lights that we still haven’t even addressed here.