Posted by Doug Root on 18th Jan 2021

Comparing LEDs to Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

Flood light bulbs offer homeowners a number of unique benefits. Many locations use them for utility or security lighting, such as outdoors around sheds and driveways. However, flood lights are sometimes used as an accent or recessed lighting indoors. Flood lights typically have a high light output and a high quality of light as well. Smart shoppers can tailor their needs to get the proper CRI, color temperature, and more

Typically, many domestic flood lights have been either incandescent bulbs or a special type of incandescent bulb called a halogen bulb. However, today, more and more people are switching over to LED lights, including LED flood lights.

The questions here are why are they switching, and should it matter for you?

What is an LED Light?

LED lights, unlike pretty much all other forms of lighting, are not really light “bulbs” in the sense that they don’t contain a filament or any gases within them. LEDs consist of a diode and a semiconductor material (a light-emitting diode, hence the name) across which electricity can only flow in one direction. When electricity flows across the semiconductor, the LED chip emits light.

Benefits of LEDs

-LEDs are extremely energy efficient and can potentially help you slash your energy bills.

-LEDs have an enormously long lifespan.

-LEDs produce very little heat, which can affect cooling costs in the summer.

-LEDs are not affected by extreme temperatures and will start up and reach their full-color temperature almost instantly.

-LEDs are very environmentally friendly. Many of their components can be recycled.

Drawbacks of LEDs

-LEDs were once very expensive, but today the prices have come down considerably.

-Some argue that the quality of light produced by halogen lights, specifically, is of a higher subjective quality. However, LEDs exhibit a wide range of color temperatures and CRI values.

-Some LEDs may shift color slightly over the course of their lifespans; contact us for more details on this.

-Larger LED light bulls may require a better heat sink than other LEDs because they are more intense and there are more of them clustered in proximity to each other.

What is a Halogen Flood Light Bulb?

By contrast to LED lights, which are not really light bulbs at all, halogen lights are light bulbs in the truest sense of the word. A halogen light bulb is a type of incandescent light bulb that has two bulbs, an outer glass bulb, and an inner quartz bulb. Within the smaller quartz bulb is housed the filament along with iodine and bromine gases.

When electricity flows through the filament inside the quartz capsule, the filament emits light in a process known as electroluminescence. However, the iodine and bromine gases enable the particles burning off of the filament to be deposited back onto the filament in a separate process known as the halogen cycle.

The halogen cycle not only allows the halogen bulb to produce brighter, better quality light than many other incandescents, it also increases the lifespan of the light bulb.

Benefits of Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

-Halogen lights produce high-efficiency luminosity and very high-quality light, though they are nowhere near as long-lived as LEDs.

-They produce better quality light than incandescents and last longer than them.

-Halogen lights provide excellent color rendering.

-Halogen lights provide a very wide range of color temperatures as well.

-Some halogen lights are not as expensive (in terms of upfront cost) as LEDs.

Drawbacks of Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

-Halogen lights produce a lot of heat - more than a normal incandescent.

-Halogen lights have a significantly shorter lifespan than LEDs.

-They can be sensitive to environmental factors and should not be handled as oil, dirt, and dust can cause diminished performance or cause the light to fail.

The Rest Is up to You - But Contact Us for Help!

As you can see, each of these types of lights has quite a long list of advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn more about the specific advantages of LEDs, we recommend you investigate the blog we published recently on the matter. You can learn more there, or contact us for additional details - we’re happy to help.

As for the question of which you should use to outfit your home, that’s really up to you. While the energy efficiency and longer life of LEDs are attractive, there are many who truly argue in favor of the quality of halogen light.

Call us up if you want to get our personal take on the issue, and we’d be glad to help you out, whether you just need a few for your home or you’re considering upgrading a commercial or industrial space.

Before you go, visit our collection of halogen lights and LED lights, where you’ll find many different options, in addition to floodlights.