Posted by Doug Root on 1st Jul 2015

City of Atlanta Efficiency Ordinance

City of Atlanta Building Efficiency Ordinance

On April 20, 2015 Atlanta City Council passed an ordinance that will require properties over 25,000 square feet to undertake the following energy efficiency initiatives:

Benchmarking Energy and Water Use

  • -By July 20, properties over 50,000 square feet must benchmark their energy and water use for 2014 and submit a report to the city. This can be done using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. This will need to be completed annually by June 1. Properties over 25,000 square feet will need to submit their first report in 2017.
  • -Until data aggregation is available, property owners without access to a master meter will be excepted.

Benchmarking Disclosure

  • -The city will make non-financial benchmarking data publicly available beginning Sept. 1, 2016. Properties performing below the national median (ENERGY STAR score <50) will not have their score published.

Energy and Water Audit

  • -Every 10 years, a covered property must undergo an energy and water audit. The year will be determined by a randomly generated property ID number, which can be obtained by calling 311. A summary audit report must be filed with the city.
  • -The audit must meet an ASHRAE Level II standard, though Georgia Power’s free audits will also qualify.
  • -Audits can be performed by someone on staff with at least two years of audit experience and/or experience in the operations of that specific building.
  • -Exceptions are granted if:
  • oThe property received an ENERGY STAR certification for two of the three years preceding the audit report due date.
  • oThe property received a LEED certification for two of the three years preceding the audit report due date.
  • oThe property has improved its ENERGY STAR score by 15 points or more in the five years preceding the audit report due date.
  • oIf a property has undergone a qualifying audit since 2010, it may satisfy the first required audit.


For general questions: or dial 311

For requirement questions: email [email protected] or call (404) 355-1959

Portfolio Manager:

BOMA Energy Efficiency Program:

Georgia Power Commercial Energy Efficiency Program:

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