Posted by Doug Root on 21st Jun 2020

Check Here First For a Fluorescent Tube Light

If you are responsible for procuring light bulbs and accessories, then you are likely no stranger to some of the benefits that fluorescent lights can have for a business. They are definitely able to offer a number of advantages over alternative lighting solutions and we will cover some of these here, as well as why you should shop Atlanta Light Bulbs if your ticket is a fluorescent tube light.

1.Keep Heat Down

It’s no secret that a fluorescent tube light produces fairly little heat through its operation, which can be a big deal for certain locations. This is not only because it diminishes the risk of fire, but because it can keep energy costs down. A large warehouse or public building with a ton of overhead lights can create a lot of heat, and in the summer that can really add up. Fluorescent lights are, in some situations, an excellent solution for offering adequate overhead lighting without adding too much heat to the mix. In other words, it can save you some cooling costs.

2.Energy Efficiency

Fluorescent lights don’t just create minimal heat, they are also fairly energy efficient when compared with incandescent lights, although these two effects are related. In a nutshell, fluorescent lighting requires less energy to produce the same luminosity as some alternatives like incandescent lighting. This makes options like CFLs for domestic use and tube lights for shop and commercial use practical and desirable. Just as with the above consideration, by utilizing fluorescent lighting you may not only be able to keep your energy costs down as it relates to cooling, but also by the efficient operation of the bulbs.


There is also the fact that fluorescent lights last quite a long time, and significantly longer than incandescent bulbs. Some fluorescent lights have a lifetime that approaches 50,000 hours, which is much longer than almost all alternatives. The only other lighting solutions that routinely approach or exceed this lifespan are LED lights. That makes fluorescent bulbs attractive as a lighting solution related to cost savings. It incurs less expense with recurrent replacements, and less in labor to replace them as well.

4.Good Range of Color Temperature

While fluorescent bulbs are generally known for the fact that they most typically produce cool white light, they can actually be found in quite a range of color temperatures to suit the needs of a specific location. For example, here at Atlanta Light Bulbs, we offer fluorescent lighting in a large range of color temperatures from cool to warm, with options spanning the gap from 2700K to 6500K color temperatures.

As you can see there are a number of advantages that come with a fluorescent tube light in specific - although these are applicable to fluorescent lights in general. These types of lights can realize actual savings for your organization, all else being equal, but when you shop with Atlanta Light Bulbs we can sweeten the deal.


The first and most salient reason you should check here for a fluorescent light bulb is because we offer a real range of products to fit a number of different sizes and bases. In addition to the fact that we offer bulbs in a broad range of color temperatures, we also offer many differently sized bulbs including T2, T4, T5, T6, T12 fluorescent, and of course the perennial T8 fluorescent tube light bulb. We offer plenty of different options in fluorescent lights including shatterproof linear fluorescent bulbs that are preferred in some locations. We even offer specialty fluorescent tube lighting and other UV lighting options. We offer a few different UV options so maybe just leave it “UV” as a general category. Options include UV-C, Low UV, and others.

2.Price Savings

If selection weren’t enough to convince you to stop here first, then you might want to throw price into the mix. Everyone - even price-insensitive shoppers - exhibits a degree of price sensitivity, and so we aim to be a market leader when it comes to providing premium lighting solutions at the best possible prices. We offer great prices out of the gate, but on top of that, we offer bulk discounts. Fluorescent light bulbs are desirable, to begin with, because they are an economical solution for many businesses, but because of our great buying power we are able to drive costs down further for our customers - and on top of that, you can buy in bulk and save even more.

3.Customer Service

On top of our peerless selection and great prices, there is our firm commitment to customer service. For nearly 40 years, we at Atlanta Light Bulbs have striven to treat customers like family and to provide them with the level of service that we would offer a close friend. Therefore we welcome you to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at all. Whether you have technical questions, want to discuss pricing, or need some guidance we are ready to help. Give us a call at 1-888-988-2852 and we’d be happy to assist.