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Atlanta Loading Dock Lighting Upgrade

Posted by Doug Root on October 12, 2015

Atlanta Light Bulbs Energy Saving Solutions Team recently provided an energy efficient lighting retrofit for the loading dock lighting of a major retailer in the metro Atlanta area. The loading dock originally had 30 fixtures each using a single 400 watt high pressure sodium lamp.

Our Energy Saving Solutions Team converted the 400W high pressure sodium fixtures to self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps. This option was used because the budget for the upgrade did not allow LED to be specified.  Each CFL uses 150 watts each resulting in an energy savings of 250 watts per fixture  and an additional 65 watts per fixture for the ballast, for a total wattage reduction of 315 watts per fixture.

Since they used self-ballasted compact fluorescents they were able to utilize the same light fixtures which allowed them to avoid the added expense of replacing each fixture. Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps operate on line voltage so all that needed to be done was to bypass the ballast and run line voltage to the correctly sized sockets within the existing fixtures.

Power Saved: 9,450 Watts

Energy Savings in Dollars: $8,283 Per Year

Project Cost: $1,800 for Materials. Approximately $3,600 for Labor, total cost $5,400

# of Years Payback on Investment: 6.5 Months

1st Year Return On Investment: 143%

         Burning Watts 13950

13,950 Watts burning 24 hours a day. $.10 per KWH, Cost to operate the 30 fixtures per month $1,107.79 or $12,220.20 per year.

        Burning Watts 4500

4,500 Watts burning 24 hours a day. $.10 per KWH, Cost to operate the 30 fixtures per month $328.31 or $3,937.20 per year.

If you are in the Atlanta area and ready to upgrade your lighting give us a call at 770-492-5086 or click here to fill out our contact form!

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