Posted by Doug Root on 25th Jun 2015

Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge

Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge LogoALB Energy Solutions Rises Up to Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge

Energy-efficient lighting solutions provider adds sponsorship and expertise to help Metro Atlanta buildings achieve 20 percent energy savings by 2020.

(Atlanta, GA) March 16, 2015. ALB Energy Solutions – powered by Atlanta Light Bulbs Inc. – is proud to add their name to the list of sponsors supporting the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (“Atlanta BBC”). This sponsorship will include hosting workshops and educational events, committee participation, and more.

In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy, the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge is a nation-leading public/private initiative. The goal of the Atlanta BBC is to reduce energy and water consumption by at least 20 percent in participating buildings across Atlanta by 2020.

To date, 404 buildings in Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead have committed to the challenge. Thus far, Atlanta on the whole has reached nine percent of the 20 percent reduction required by 2020, and Atlanta BBC projects that the number will reach 11 percent in 2015.

ALB Energy Solutions is investing in the City of Atlanta “brand,” via energy-efficient lighting solutions which directly impact the city’s infrastructure and economic development. This sponsorship of Atlanta BBC is a perfect fit – helping local businesses retrofit buildings to use lighting energy as efficiently as possible, cutting cost and waste, contributing to the beautification of the community, and making the area more attractive in more ways than one, enticing business owners to choose the Atlanta area as home.

Buildings are ripe for energy savings.According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Buildings soak up 36 percent of all U.S. energy and consume 65 percent of the electricity we generate, at a cost of $400 billion annually. The energy (and water) needed to operate a building over its lifetime of more than 30 years is staggeringly expensive.”

The overwhelming majority of energy used in buildings is from lighting, so if you can reduce that by 70 to 80 percent, you can come pretty close to achieving the goal of 20 percent energy reduction.

Energy-saving events and workshops:On Tuesday, March 24th, Atlanta BBC participants are invited to the Atlanta BBC Sponsorship Kickoff which includes a T8 LED Retrofit Workshop, at the Southface Energy Institute. ALB Energy Solutions will provide an introduction to all the options and benefits of LED T8 retrofits and troffers, and they will debunk some common myths about this innovative Green lighting option. Find out more and register online. ALBES will give away Philips InstantFit 4-ft. LED tubes to interested participants attending the Kickoff. LED InstantFit lamps replace T8 fluorescent lamps, fitting into existing sockets without having to change the ballasts, and deliver an immediate wattage reduction of 50 percent.

Future ALB Energy Solutions workshops will focus on energy-efficient lighting strategies and how to leverage the Georgia Power rebate program for savings. As a Georgia Power Trade Ally, ALBES can help commercial customers file for Georgia Power rebates. Special energy-efficient lighting packages will be available to Atlanta Better Building participants.

About ALB Energy Solutions:

Since 1981, Atlanta Light Bulbs has been providing energy-saving solutions and a full range of lighting products. ALB Energy Solutions – powered by Atlanta Light Bulbs – is backed by ALB’s 34 years of reputable experience in commercial lighting distribution, and a full line of strategically sourced, energy-efficient, innovative lighting technologies. While the main objective is to conserve energy used by lighting, ALBES also has an extensive knowledge base and portfolio to offer clients new and innovative technologies as well as traditional and alternative lighting sources, helping businesses to make the most of their lighting budgets while joining the Green movement in an impactful way.

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