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All about Osram Bulbs

Osram Licht AG, also known simply as OSRAM, produces some of the most highly regarded products in the lighting industry. Their lighting products range from simple miniature halogen bulbs to linear fluorescent tubes to germicidal lamps and many other categories of lighting in between.

The company that produces Osram bulbs today is one of the most storied in the industry and stands on the shoulders of giants. One of the most recognizable names in the industry for lighting technology and solutions, Osram is firmly entrenched in its corner and committed to delivering proprietary, industry designing technology, much as they have already for well over a century.

A [Very] Brief History of Osram Bulbs

The history of Osram bulbs stretches all the way back to 1906, with the development of the first Osram incandescent lamp, produced by Carl Auer von Welsbach. The name Osram was created in 1906 from a merger of the two words Osmium and Wolfram, which is the German name for Tungsten, and still evident in its chemical signature, W. These two elements were commonly used in the production of early lighting filaments. For what it’s worth, Tungsten, an extremely strong, dense metal, is still used in lighting technology.

In its early years, the company that would eventually give rise to Osram was known as Auer-Gesellschaft. In 1919, Auergesellschagt, Siemens & Halske merged with Allgemeine-Elektrizitӓtz-Gesellschaft.

Osram experienced consistent growth over the years, pioneering technology and working into new markets. By the late 1990s, a series of strategic moves and acquisitions had increasingly brought Osram into the international market. For many North American buyers, the name is most recognizable as Osram Sylvania, the North American arm of the company.

In March 2021, Osram merged with ams to become ams-Osram. What began as an organization dedicated to the production of light bulbs and lighting technology has culminated in an industry joint effort to dominate illumination as well as sensors, emitters, and software. Today, the company employs more than 30,000 people around the world, serves more than 20,000 customers, operates over 40 R&D facilities, and has applied for and been granted 15,000 patents.

Proprietary Technology Developed

It is not simply for its longevity that Osram bulbs are commendable. Over its lifespan that has spanned well more than a century, the organization has pioneered a wide range of technologies and products.

-Osram has produced the smallest format in automotive lighting with the OSLON Boost Demonstrator. These LED light points can be arranged and configured to serve as identifiers for different vehicles.

-The ENVIYOS Micro Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) creates headlights with more than 1,000 individually controllable pixels.

-Osram was the first to produce a Digital Micro-Mirror Device (DMD) that could serve as both a light source for light and symbol projection.

-Osram launched the world’s first gas-discharge lamp, the XENARC D1 Lamp, which uses Xenon. The XENARC D1 produces nearly as much light as conventional lamps but uses far less energy.

-Osram produced the world’s first dual-filament headlight for automotive vehicles, which is known as the BILUX, which combines the high and low beams into a single bulb. Most impressively, Osram rolled out this technology in 1925!

These firsts are impressive, but Osram is famous for more than simply the Osram bulbs which bear its name, and serves a wide range of markets, producing an equally wide range of technology.

Markets and Products Served

Today, Osram serves a wide range of different markets, including the markets for consumer electronics, medical lighting and lighting infrastructure, industrial lighting, and applications. In addition, Osram is well known for its central role in the development of automotive lighting products.

Here at Atlanta Light Bulbs, we sell a wide range of Osram bulbs, including but not limited to:

-Osram fluorescent lighting

-Germicidal (UVC) lights

-Specialty halogen lights

-Microscope lights

-Mercury short arc lamps

-Metal halide bulbs

-And more

In addition to these categories of products, Osram is well known for its central role in the production of sensors, emitters, and semiconductors. Notably, Osram produces Opto Semiconductors which are crucial in the construction of sensor technology.

An Investment in Osram Bulbs Is an Investment in the Future!

While the merger of ams and Osram has commanded most of the headlines, it is also noteworthy that Osram has committed to becoming climate neutral by 2030. As a manufacturing company, Osram has recognized the role it must fill as a leader and a model and has begun an initiative to prioritize energy-efficiency practices not only at production sites but also in other facilities and offices.

Osram is embracing the tenets of the Paris Climate Protection Convention of 2015 and has committed not only to improve its own energy efficiency measures by limiting direct emissions but also to control indirect emissions.

Osram’s comprehensive plan, in addition to limiting direct emissions, will help control indirect emissions that would be released as a result of the purchase of energy. Osram will also help to limit indirect emissions released in both the upstream and downstream supply and value chains.

By pursuing this holistic plan, Osram’s goal is to return emissions to pre-industrial levels in a comprehensive effort to combat the global climate crisis. Osram is also going to concentrate on maintaining a stringent sustainability report that can be accessed on its website, which will account for all of its efforts and processes, as well as the results achieved.

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