Posted by Doug Root on 30th Aug 2019

A Rainbow of Possibilities: Choosing Which Color of LED is Right for You

Wall of neon LED lights

LED lights can make for phenomenal decoration and tie a room together in a way regular bulbs just can’t match. Thanks to their high wattage, diversity of pigments and long lifespan, these bulbs add a unique flourish to any home or work environment. But what LED light colors should you be using for your own renovation or decoration projects? Let Atlanta Light Bulbs show you the ropes of how to make phenomenal interior design decisions with LED lights.

Coordination is Everything

A small amount of time spent studying the color wheel can go a long way towards making your room of choice look as bright and stylish as possible. Going with complementary pigments, like a pink light for a blue room (and vice versa) is an easy and visually delightful way to make sure your new LED light colors the room in exactly the way you want it to. Our LED S14 bulbs in red and green make festive colors you can use to deck out your living space during the holidays and even beyond. No matter what specific aesthetic you’re gunning for, though, there’s a set of colored LED bulbs out there that will make your lighting wishes come true.

Keep it Neutral

If you don’t feel up to the task of coordinating LED light colors, you can stay safe with clean white light. A bright milky glow is rarely unwelcome in any setting, and it’s guaranteed not to clash with the rest of the decor you’ve set up in any given room. White lights are a comfortable choice for the person who wants a room to have character but isn’t sure how the lighting should play across the rest of the environment’s aesthetics.

It’s easy to bathe your room in bright, neutral LED light colors with our festoon light. This vibrant bulb carries around 30,000 usable life hours in a frame that’s just over one inch long, making it a tremendous value for the decorator on a budget.

Size Does Matter

Multiple bulbs hanging from ceiling

No matter what colors you plan to deck out your room with, picking the bulb with the right size for the job is going to be paramount in getting the atmosphere you want. One large red bulb hanging from the center of the ceiling is going to give your area a different vibe than a sky blue wall display hanging above your bed, for example. The effect different LED light colors have can vary wildly depending on the kind of bulb they’re being housed in.

Try getting a fixture panel if you’re trying to bathe a given area in a stream of light, as opposed to small, decorative colored LED bulbs if you’re going for a quirkier or more holistic look. And of course, it’s never a bad idea to measure the sockets and area of your room before you commit to a full lighting renovation.

Business or Pleasure?

Some LED light colors work better in an office environment than in a domestic space you’re trying to make seem inviting. A soft yellow tint could work in certain firms, for example, but even the quirkiest startup would probably bulk at having to work under neon pink lighting all day long. On the other hand, a fluorescent glare is a pretty standard thing to see in an office, but likely isn’t wise to install above your child’s crib.

A little bit of common sense will go a long way towards figuring out what LED light colors you should outfit your space with. If you’re sharing an area with other people, you should definitely ask them what colors they like and what kinds of lights they’d be comfortable with before setting your plans in stone.

Your Own Special Way

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that no matter how many tips and guidelines there are to keep in mind when it comes to decorating with LED light colors, remember that you’re doing this for yourself, and you want to decorate a room that you’ll enjoy spending time in. All the color theory and interior design coordination in the world isn’t going to mean squat if you don’t pick the colored LED bulbs that light you up inside, so remember to still have fun with your decorating project. If you can walk that fine line between indulging in the pigments you love and maximizing the environmental design to its utmost, you’ll be able to fill any room with LED light colors you’ll love.

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