10th May 2018

A Guide to Color Indexes for Light Bulbs

The color rendering index or CRI measures the ability of individual lights to reflect color. This means that every light bulb you use has an effect on how things look around you. Depending on your specific needs, different types of lights are appropriate. Let’s take a look at what would be most fitting to different types of environments with this guide to color indexes for light bulbs.


The lower the CRI, the warmer the lighting will appear, however colors will not be true to what you would see in natural daylight. We recommend using a bulb with a lower CRI rating for rooms like bedrooms, living rooms and media rooms. These are the rooms where you want to feel more cozy and warmer lighting will help to accomplish that.

Mid-Range CRI

With a mid-range CRI, your colors will appear closer to their true tones. We suggest you use this type of lighting in bathrooms and offices. These types of light bulbs will provide a flattering level of illumination without the harshness of daylight tones.

High CRI

While some people prefer lighting as close to daylight in all rooms, we only recommend using them in places where it is necessary. These bulbs are perfect for medical offices, kitchens, and vanity areas. High CRI bulbs provide daylight level illumination so that you can see the actual color of everything under it.

Ultimately, CRI levels are a matter of preference when it comes to lighting up your personal space. And the great thing is, you can always make adjustments by purchasing different bulbs and deciding what fits your style the best.