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Blog Launches New Loyalty Rewards Program

Our customers spoke and we listened! is proud to announce that we have implemented a new Online loyalty rewards program called "ALB Bucks" The program rewards our customers for every purchase back to dollar one. CEO, Doug Root said, "we are so happy that we finally have a simple way to reward our [...]

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Direct Wire LED T8 Tube Lights and What You Need to Know About Sockets.

If you’re looking to make the switch to LED but you need some help wiring T8 LED bulbs, read on to learn more about the installation process of single ended live end feed lamps. We will try to give you a good understanding of non-shunted sockets and the powering of these lamps using these helpful tips [...]

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3 Cost Effective LED Retrofits for Warehouses

LED fixtures have come along way in the past 2 years. The technology is constantly improving, lumens per watt is rising and the cost has come down dramatically. During this period we have quoted hundreds of lighting retrofits, some we received the orders for and some we did not. We have found that for many [...]

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How to Choose the Right Color Temperature with LED's

The light bulb has changed dramatically in the past few years. Edison would be completely surprised with the speed that technology these days. An area that did not exist in his life time was varying color temperatures. Light bulbs were heated filaments that gave off CCT (correlated color temperature) of around 2700K or soft/warm white. [...]

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G.E. to Phase Out CFL Bulbs

By DIANE CARDWELL FEB. 1, 2016 This story was published by the New York Times Just a few years ago, the compact fluorescent light was the go-to choice for customers seeking an inexpensive, energy-efficient replacement for the standard incandescent bulb. But as the light quality of LEDs improved and their cost plummeted, manufacturers and retailers began shifting [...]

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​DLC Provides Accountability and Reliability for Commercial Lighting Needs

Every day at Atlanta Light Bulbs we are excited to talk to customers about brand new technology and rapidly changing industry trends to improve efficiency and quality for them or their own customers. Especially in terms of solid-state lighting and LEDs, the market for solutions is truly expanding daily and the amount of substitutes and [...]

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The Differences Between Protected & Standard Metal Halide Lamps

Have you ever wondered why protected metal halide lamps haven’t replaced the standard version? Well, the answer is fairly easy. The standard types of metal halide lamps have been around for decades and have been used in floodlights, wall packs, and commercial indoor recessed lights. As the popularity of metal halide lamps grew in the commercial [...]

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Easily Switch Out T5 HO Fluorescent to T5 HO LED Tubes

No Rewiring. No Electrician Needed. Go LED by simply changing the T5 fluorescent lamp… You could save 50% on the cost of electricity in your facility by just changing your fluorescent F54T5 bulbs from fluorescent lamps to LED.  Keystone Technologies 54W equivalent T5HO LED replacement tubes offer substantial energy savings over standard fluorescent T5 HO lamps, and you [...]

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Atlanta Light Bulb Donates $1,400 in Toys & Clothes

This year marks Decatur's "Season of Giving/Christmas Decatur" 20th year of caring. Atlanta Light Bulbs team shopped til they dropped and had a blast doing it! We were so happy to be able to help low-income children and senior citizens enjoy the holidays. We appreciate all of our wonderful customers and employees who gave from their own [...]

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Susan LED Upgrade for Warehouses with 400W Metal Halide

We all know that switching to LED in our warehouses and distribution centers is a big decision.  The decision to upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting makes perfect sense on paper but the installation, rewiring and down time of the retrofit can affect your decision.  The return on investment can be huge, improved light levels makes for safer [...]

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