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What is Direct Wire Ballast Bypass LED Lighting, What is Ballast operated plug and play LED Lighting, and How Are They Different?

LED T8 fluorescent replacement lighting options are rapidly changing. In this write up we will look at some of the options available. Replacing standard fluorescent linear lamps, due to their greater energy efficiency and lower costs is the way of the future. Because of their advancements, consumers are beginning to research the various lighting options [...]

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What is DLC Premium and Why Does it Matter to My Rebate Check?

In today’s competitive economy, every cent counts. With whisker-thin margins, many companies turn their attention to cutting waste within their facilities. Low-flow water fixtures, smart electrical sensors, and DLC Premium lighting can all help cut waste, but DLC Premium rated lighting can also help get you money back on your commercial utility bills. The Down Low [...]

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How to Switch Plug-In CFL Lamps to LED Easily

In the past compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were the best alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs. Now, LEDs have emerged as the new contender for most efficient lighting solution. Whether you’re retrofitting an entire commercial building or just looking to replace an expired lamp, one of the best ways to reduce your energy bill is to [...]

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What's the Difference Between Constant Current LED Drivers and Constant Voltage Drivers?

If you’re building or retrofitting a residential or commercial LED lighting system, there are plenty of options available. Choosing the right components for your specific application is the key to achieving optimal results, and the driver is the heart of your LED setup. Let’s learn about drivers, and how to choose the right one. Once you [...]

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Wondering Which Halco LED Fixtures & Bulbs are Eligible for the Georgia Power Rebate Program?

Many of our local customers here in the great state of Georgia are always curious as to what LED bulbs are rebate-able with Georgia Power.  Well, look no more! Our great friends at Halco Lighting Technologies helped us to create an easy list of the types of categories that you can earn rebates on. Call one of [...]

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Lifi- What Is It and Why the Lighting Industry Should Care

The lighting industry has come a long way since Edison’s filament bulbs, and it continues to evolve to this day. Recently, LEDs have revolutionized how we view commercial and home lighting, drastically reducing operating costs, increasing bulb lifespans, and minimizing wasted energy. The most recent major innovation in the lighting industry is LiFi. Poised to [...]

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Converting Your Parking Lot Lights to LED

One of the best things a company can do to save money on their electricity bill is to convert their parking lot lights over to LED.  In some cases we have helped our clients save over 70% on their facilities energy cost and not to mention they create a brighter and safer environment for customers and [...]

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Atlanta Light bulbs is proud to make a difference in the community where we work and play. Every year “A Season of Giving/Christmas Decatur takes care of hundreds of children and seniors in need of a Santa Claus! This was the 3rd year Atlanta Light Bulbs participated in the community volunteer effort. We were able to [...]

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LED's are the Energy Efficient Choice

Whether you’re trying to go green at home or work, or you simply want to reduce your electricity bill, LED lighting is an excellent solution. There are many advantages to LEDs, including an incredibly long bulb lifespan, easy maintenance, resistance to damage and wear, compact sizes, and much more. However, arguably the most important feature [...]

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