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Meet the new Lithonia Lighting Wafer™ LED a Housing-Free Recessed Downlight with Switchable White for Indoor-Outdoor Use

At our goal is to keep our customers up to speed on the newest and coolest products in the lighting market. We want to make lighting cool again...the days of boring old downlights, light bulbs and fixtures are over! Welcome to the Smart Lighting Universe where you have control of your lighting. Now you [...]

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Why LED Office Lights Are Better for Your Bottom Lin

Lighting in your office is far more important than you might think. In fact, employee complaints about their workplace environment are common, and harsh or poor lighting are among the top reasons businesses face negative employee chatter and low productivity levels. More businesses are looking at the implications their office lighting choices will have on [...]

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Which LED Corn Cob Replaces My Metal Halide Lamp?

We Can Help You Replace Metal Halide lamps with LED Corn Cobs...We're Professionals!LED corn cob lights are a truly great invention.  You can't eat them but you can light them! They are a wonderful replacement for the technologies of the past such as metal halide and mercury vapor.Why are they called Corn Cob lights? Higher wattage [...]

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Smart LED Lights for Homes - Pros & Cons

Although the technology is still relatively new, smart LED lights for home and business use are gaining popularity among those who appreciate the latest innovative gadgets. These days, automation is a major trend, and smart lights are a big part of it. Additionally, the Internet of things—connecting all of your everyday household devices to the internet—is [...]

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Why LED Lighting is Better for Businesses

Businesses have many overhead costs. Lighting is, quite literally, one of them. These days, LED lighting for businesses is growing increasingly popular as business owners realize the incredible advantages that they offer over traditional lighting solutions. 1. LEDs Save You Money Over Time When it comes to running a business, it’s always smart to think about the [...]

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Lighting Options that Will Save You Money

Are you looking for a simple, yet effective way to save some money? Using the most efficient bulbs allows you to enjoy the same amount of light while paying less. Whether you’re lighting a bedroom lamp or an entire retail store, the type of lighting used directly affects your energy bill.Fortunately, these days you have [...]

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Retail Display Lighting Fixture Dos & Don’ts

Whether you’re opening a new store or updating your existing store’s decor, using the right retail display lighting fixtures and lamps makes a huge difference. Pleasant, welcoming lighting encourages customers to stick around and browse, and it also improves how your overall brand is perceived. Follow these simple dos and don’ts to elevate the appearance [...]

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6 Reasons to Upgrade to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs offer many benefits over traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Using energy efficient light bulbs is a simple way to save some money at home or at work, and you can also feel good about contributing positively to the environment. If you’re considering transitioning to  efficient LED lighting, there has never been a better [...]

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How to Choose LED Office Lighting for Your Business

Switching to more efficient lighting is always a sound investment for any business. LED office lighting usually pays for itself within a matter of months, and you can also feel good about contributing to a better environment. These days, you can find virtually any style of  LED lights for business applications, so read on to discover how [...]

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Keystone LED T8 Lamps - DirectDrive, SmartDrive, ComboDrive

One of the biggest changes and improvements we have seen in the LED lighting industry is with the  Keystone LED T8 lamp. Just 3 years ago these lamps would cost a commercial buyer about $50 each. Now, they range from $5 to $15 in price and offer great benefits. We are particularly impressed with  Keystone Lighting Technologies because [...]

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