Posted by Doug Root on 30th Aug 2019

7 Times LED Lighting Saved the Day (And You Didn’t Even Notice)

Man performing in stadium

You probably associate LED lights with things like stadium lights and phone screens, but did you know that LEDs are now so prevalent that you’ve probably passed under one today without even noticing it? LEDs are tremendously cost efficient and great for cutting down on energy waste no matter what context they’re used in, so it makes sense that they’re popping up all over the place with greater frequency than ever before. Here are just 7 times you’ve probably gotten your light source from an LED without even realizing it!

1. Your Friend’s House

LEDs are such a prominent part of everyday life at this point that you’ve probably seen them used domestically without processing that those were, in fact, LEDs lighting your pal’s kitchen or living room. There are many warm, subtle shades that make LEDs an inviting and non-intrusive lighting solution. For example,  filament antique bulbs can provide an earthy atmosphere that you might not have assumed was possible from this advanced lighting technology.

2. Home Defense

LED lights are fantastic for home or workplace security purposes. The tremendous glow these lights provide will cast light on even the sneakiest of crooks, and their long life span ensures they won’t let crime give them the slip when you need them most. You’ll be able to find a multitude of  lighting setups that are easy to coordinate with security systems and work perfectly for stopping malcontents in their tracks.

3. In School

LEDs are becoming an increasingly common presence in schools for all age groups across the United States. Not only do LED lights provide better illumination for students to work under than traditional lighting systems, they are also vastly more efficient and long-lasting, saving the educational system a bundle on power costs in the long run. The classic  A bulb shape is a familiar presence to students and teachers all over the world, and provides brilliant lighting without becoming a spectacle unto itself.

4. In Church

You probably don’t associate houses of worship with modern LED lighting, but there are many cutting edge megachurches, and even more classical buildings like historic mosques and temples, that use LED lights to save on power costs and illuminate their congregation. As we’ve talked about on other blog posts we’ve published, it’s easier than you might think to tastefully install LED lighting in  antique buildings without clashing heavily with the edifice’s proven style. It may not be holy light exactly, but it might be the next best thing.

5. In the Great Outdoors

There are ample opportunities to bring LED lighting to outdoor environments, and enterprising electricians and workers manage to do so every day. LEDs are commonly found on the road in the form of car and truck lights, but they can serve a variety of other purposes as well. From  floodlights that work as well for night sports as they do for security, to luminous modular lights that are perfect for lighting up large outdoor areas like car lots and docks, there are many LEDs that work as well outside as they do indoors.

6. In Your Flashlight

There’s no situation where you need powerful, dependable lighting more than in an emergency, which is why  LED flashlights are swiftly replacing their more traditional brethren. Because LED lights can last five to ten times as long as traditional bulbs, you can trust these flashlights to see you through hiking expeditions and power outages without worrying about them sputtering out at the most inopportune moments. Safety isn’t something to trifle with, and we can be thankful this tech is making our life easier and more secure to boot.

7. In the Greenhouse

LED lights are ideal from raising plants up from seedlings to the blooming life givers we depend on for our everyday existence on Earth.  Grow lights and fixtures are quickly becoming the optimal method by which greenhouses all over the world are getting the most out of the horticultural endeavors that affect you every day, whether you see them above the soil or feel them percolating just below the earth.

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