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5 Ways we Use Lighting Everyday

Posted by Steven Jackson on September 24, 2015

Now that mankind has evolved beyond using torches and candles as a primary means of lighting. Lighting has found its way in all areas of people activity, from street lights to fiber optics; light is the sine qua non to human history. Here are just a few awesome uses of lighting.


Ever since the invention of the hand cranked projector; it seems lighting was always the dominant factor. With the emergence of the television it pushed lighting to new levels. Most of us do not remember tube light or the vacuum tube, but this was the technology welcomed by millions in the 1920s with astonishing glee. Deemed inefficient today its successor’s plasma, LCD, and lastly LED displays continue the tradition of wowing its audience. Lighting continues to be the X factor in displaying. No Superbowl! As a matter of fact we carry projector lamps for all types of equipment.


It's easy to overlook the obvious, but not so easy if it's blinking. Miniature light bulbs or indicator lights have become the foreman of its host. It can tell you when to go, when to stop, and also it can tell you where to go. No matter if you’re driving a car and signaling for a turn, or piloting an airplane preparing for landing. The indicator light purposefully integrated itself with mechanical technology.


10 out of 10 doctors would agree; diagnosing would be a lot harder without proper lighting. Either you are viewing x-ray slides or examining body cavities, proper lighting is essential to the medical industry. A baby born with jaundice can be treated with special lighting called Bili blue. A patient with SADS can receive hope in the form of light commonly called "happy light". It's clear to medical physicians everywhere that lighting is as important as the sharpest scalpel.


Not only the speed of light can be measured, but light itself can measure. This section falls into the extreme lighting category. Lasers aren't your typical form of lighting, it can transmit light over yards and even miles. Some techniques include measuring the time it takes to travel from and to a position. Lasers can manipulate light to the point where it can make an object burn. Some of its uses include welding, cosmetic surgery, and spectroscopy. This type of lighting is perfect for construction or destruction.


I'm sure most people would agree that mirrors would be rendered useless without adequate lighting. Great lighting is always in the minds of those taking "selfie" pictures, or those designing rooms like interior decorators. Whether you are in bed reading your favorite book, or dimming a chandelier for a more ambient setting. General lighting helps us all feel more sophisticated.

Lighting is our lives, without it we would not exist. Respect and love your light bulbs, LEDs and lighting in general. Make sure you are using and purchasing the right lighting and light bulbs at 

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