Posted by Doug Root on 27th Feb 2019

5 Ways LEDs Can Set a Mood

Sometimes, all it takes is an LED mood light to change the entire vibe of a room. What emotion do you want to evoke? Mood room lighting is all about emotion, intent, and atmosphere. Don't get it twisted. You can set any kind of mood you like. Perhaps you're having guests over and you want the lighting to be lively. Are you throwing a dinner party? Ambient lighting in the dining room is the ticket. From flameless candles to subtle, well-hidden lighting strips, you can use the lights in a room to shift the mood. All you need is the right light to change the bedroom from a romantic boudoir to a calming, relaxing haven, for example. There are no tricks to learn, but you can probably do with some tips. Fear not. No one knows how to set a mood like Atlanta Light Bulbs.

A Few Fairy Strings

Let's start of with the most magical LED mood lights. LED string lights add sparkle to any space. They're available in a variety of designs. Edison-style bulbs have a vintage-inspired charm, but you don't have to worry about that filament burning out too quickly. Large or small, you can find bulbs in an array of sizes. Choose the brightness you want, too.

From there, you still have decisions to make. How do you want to hang the lights? A single string of old-fashioned bulbs over the dining room table is rustic but chic, not to mention warm. Hang them from the wall over your bed to bring a bit of personality into the bedroom.

Tiny fairy lights twinkling around the edge of the room or around the porch rails are sweet and whimsical. Colorful LED strings are worth thinking about, as well. A string of blue, red, or multicolored lights will pop. Just don't go thinking that fairy lights are only for the holidays. They're an exciting, unexpected pick for indoor lighting. Guests and visitors will adore the effort, not to mention the ambiance.

An Ever-Changing Spectrum

Think about introducing colored mood room lighting into your spaces, too. Colored LED lights take mood lighting to the next level, particularly if you make the upgrade to smart lighting. You can control everything, either from the hub or your smart device. The nuance allows you to create the mood you want down to a science. Say you're having a party in the basement. Give the room a subtle red wash to inspire energy and creativity. In the bedroom, however, you can eliminate the dreaded blue light that interrupts your sleep cycle and prevents you from getting a full night's rest.

You can also opt for traditional colored bulbs. Avoid putting colored lights in your overhead sockets. That can be too overwhelming, which defeats the purpose of mood lighting in the first place. Soft white or even yellow lights in some lamps combined with blue, pink, or purple light bulbs in other outlets can create a dreamy effect. You can also experiment with different hues to figure out which ones have the most positive impact on your mood.

Candlelight Without the Flames

There's nothing more romantic than candlelight, at least in theory. Candles burn out quickly, however, and unless you purchase waxless candles, then you may also have to deal with a mess of molten wax. Given that candles melt so quickly, they're fairly expensive for a temporary light. The good news is that you can use an LED mood light to replace them.

Flameless candles are comparatively less expensive than actual candles because they don't melt away, thus becoming useless. They burn for hundreds of hours, as well. Arrange a few in the dining room to set the perfect mood for a meal. They make a lovely addition to the bedroom, where you no longer need to worry about pooling wax or errant flames.

You can find a variety of styles depending on your preferences. From thin tapers to thick votive candles, it's easy to create a hushed atmosphere filled with faux flickering. You can even snag flameless wall sconces and overhead fixtures with LED candles. Ever thought about hanging a chandelier?

Bright Lights, Soft Focus

In places where company gathers, bright mood room lighting is best, but take care with location and positioning. Vivid illumination can spark excitement, energy, and creativity, but too much of it is disruptive, garish, and unpleasant. Don't install your brightest bulbs in the overhead lights. Overheads do best with softer, more natural bulbs. A frosted cover can help to further diffuse the brightness, plus it gives the room a dreamy cast.

What you should do instead is place brighter mood lighting around the perimeter of the room. Position them so that the focus is on something accentuating, eye-catching, or otherwise meaningful. Find your favorite points of interest in the space and highlight them with direct lighting. Track lighting is an excellent choice for this lighting technique. The key is to make sure that there are no lights pointing directly at chairs and sofas.

Focus lighting benefits from colored bulbs, too. If you're showcasing a painting, for example, choose a hue that complements or creates a contrast with the painting's palette. You can even use different colors in each corner of the room so that the space inspires an array of emotions and moods.

A Little Dimmer

Dimmer switches might seem like a 1970s throwback, but they're top-notch when it comes to mood lighting. Browse for an LED mood light that specifically says it can be used as a dimmer, however. An LED may not work in a dimmer socket that originally housed a traditional incandescent light. The same is true for smart LED bulbs. Read the packaging carefully before you buy to avoid purchasing the wrong item.

Once you're sorted, you need to think about where to install the dimmer lights. They're a favorite pick for dining rooms. With the turn of a dial, you can create a softly lid atmosphere that's ideal for a romantic meal for two. Of course, eating a meal in a cozy dining room is pleasurable no matter what. Dimmer switches go over well in bedrooms, too. Whether you're enjoying a snuggle in bed or trying to put together an outfit, you have all the lighting options you need.

You can put a single LED mood light in the bedroom, or go all out and optimize the lighting in every room of the house. Don't discount the benefits of switching to LED lights in general. They burn brighter, last longer, and cost less over time. Owing to new advances in lighting technology, most smart lighting options are LED-based, as well. Turning your house into a smart home is something to consider, at least in regards to lighting. Atlanta Light Bulbs can fulfill all your lighting needs, plus we have a bounty of tips for changing up the mood in your personal spaces.