Posted by Doug Root on 12th Jul 2019

5 Reasons LED Floodlights are Essential for Your Home or Business Security

It can be a dangerous world, and you always want as much of it in your line of sight as you’re able to get . Safety and security are paramount concerns for anyone with desirable goods or data, and while cyber-crime may be on the rise, that doesn’t mean prowlers and burglars are taking the night off. Outdoor LED security lights are a phenomenal investment for anyone who wants to make sure their valuables stay protected in the night. Keep reading to find out the top 5 reasons why these kinds of lights make for the perfect protective partners.

1. Power

No commercially available lighting system stands up to the LED when it comes to pure wattage and spread. As the name of the product itself might suggest, these lights flood a given area with powerful white light when turned on, blinding and exposing malcontents before they can reach your goods. LED security lights make outdoor companions you can’t afford to not have when it comes to preventative protection. If these bulbs are good enough to light up a football field, they’ll probably serve you well for keeping shiftless crooks at bay as well.

2. Sophistication

LEDs run on a very complicated wiring system, which makes them a perfect fit for experimentation with the latest technology. There are a variety of “smart” LED fixtures available that run on voice command and others that are triggered by motion, the latter making for ideal home security lights. The exciting thing about outdoor LED security lights is that you may very well be able to invest new technology into them as the years pass, making them eternally relevant to your home or business. Complex technology doesn’t always have to mean cumbersome usage: leave the installation to the electricians and let the future come to you.

3. Longevity

One of the big selling points of LED bulbs holds true for LED floodlights as well: they last for much longer than the competition, which in turn saves you a bundle in having to purchase replacements every time they fizzle out. A set of outdoor LED security lights from our curated collection of  floodlights burn brightly for thousands of hours, making them a better (and cheaper) investment than a security guard with a flashlight any day of the week. There are people out there who bought their first LED bulbs back in the 1990s and are still putting them to use to this very day! LED lights are astonishingly cheap for the amount of time you get out of them, and combining this with their raw power makes an LED a no-brainer for outdoor security lights.

4. Value

We alluded to this in the last entry already, but floodlights are genuinely, incredibly cost-effective by almost any standard. Thousands upon thousands of hours of bright, piercing light for less money than your average monthly electric bill is a bargain that anyone would be hard-pressed to pass on: the pictured  LFL7-50W-CW-KN Orbit Electric is suitable for use in warehouses, for sign lighting and even in wet locations, to say nothing of its utility as one of the finest home security lights money can buy. Making for top of the line outdoor security lights, this LED model sells for under $100 as of this writing, making it a value that any security-conscious home or business owner can appreciate when it comes to savings and efficiency alike.

5. Versatility

Once again picking up on something we mentioned in the previous paragraph, it really can’t be overstated how many things you can use your new LED lights for besides outdoor security. Since LED technology creates powerful lights that last for an extraordinarily long time, that means you’ll find them in everything from phone screens to ballparks as they light up the big game...and that means those lights will be good to go even if you decide you don’t need a fierce glow watching over your property anymore. Adapting your lighting system for different purposes is easy when you have the right lighting equipment and some good ideas on how to use it. The power and utility of LED lights means that outdoor security is just one of the many uses you can put them to, and if you’re industrious enough you can probably even make them fulfill multiple purposes at once!

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