22nd Aug 2017

5 Incredible Innovations in Smart Lighting Technology

Smart LED lighting

Below are five of the most incredible and innovative smart lighting technology products on the market today. Most of these lighting solutions utilize energy efficient LEDs, are smartphone enabled, and upgrade homes with smart technology.

1) Maximus Smart Security Light

Smart Lighting

The  Maximus Smart Security Light is smart security and lighting solution all in one. The light features a discreetly veiled camera on its underside, which detects movement and will send you a real-time alert to your smartphone.

With the accompanying app Kuna, you can receive these alerts, watch the live video, speak to the person(s) at your door, and sound an alarm. This smart lighting technology even allows you to control the light settings directly from your smartphone.

2) Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge

The  Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge is the ultimate hub for all of the lights connected to it. The smart bridge essentially acts like a wireless router, connecting your Caseta wireless dimmers and other lights to your smartphone. From the Caseta smartphone app, you can control lights, schedule light adjustments throughout the day, and even create scenes that choreograph multiple lights at the same time.

3) Lutron Caseta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer

Lutron Caseta

The  Lutron Caseta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer is another device from Lutron, which connects to their wireless smart bridge. Without the smart bridge, you can control these dimmers with a Pico remote or a Radio 'Powr Savr' sensor.

The dimmers are compatible with up to 600-Watt incandescent bulbs and halogen lights, or up to 150-Watt LED lamps. These dimmers are a great example of the smart lighting technology available to improve customers’ energy efficiency.

4) NEBO Tools LED Rechargeable Flashlight

The  NEBO Tools LED Rechargeable Flashlight is a modern take on the classic flashlight design. The flashlight is fully rechargeable and sports a smart select dial with four beam settings. One of the most innovative features of this flashlight is its power bank, which allows you to power any device with a USB connection.

5) SengLED Pulse Light Bulb With Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

The  SengLED Pulse Light Bulb is an amazingly innovative light bulb design for your home’s outdoor living or entertainment spaces. The SengLED light bulb includes not only the energy efficient dimmable feature found in most of these smart lighting technology solutions, but also a high quality JBL Bluetooth speaker within the light itself.

All of these light bulbs will connect to your smartphone, and you can connect up to eight of these bulbs on one system—one master bulb and seven satellite bulbs. You can also connect these bulbs to a Pulse Sound System, which allows you to control these lights without an iOS or Android enabled device.

Where Can I Find These Innovative Technologies?

As you can see, these innovative smart lighting technology devices will bring any home from the present day and into the future. Explore our collection of  smart lighting technology and update your lighting solutions today.