Posted by Doug Root on 14th Jul 2021

3 Styles of Decorative Light Bulbs and How They Can Improve Your Home

Lighting is not always defined by the specific application that requires a given HID bulb for adequate area lighting, nor is it always necessary to choose the exact UV-C light for disinfection purposes. Sometimes the purpose of lighting is simply decorative - in which case the ideal decorative light bulbs will take a priority.

If you’re looking for some novel ways to improve your decor or simply provide for better mood lighting, these following three classes of decorative light bulbs can help you get there.

Chandelier Bulbs

Broadly speaking, chandelier bulbs are a class of decorative bulbs that are reserved for their use in fixtures such as chandeliers and some other accent lighting. They tend to be on the smaller side and exhibit a fair degree of variance in their shapes and styles. We offer plain, classic chandelier light bulbs as well as flamed-shamed bulbs that provide extra class even when the power is not switched on. Our collection includes decorative halogen bulbs, incandescent light bulbs, and also LED light bulbs.

One of the things you will need to ascertain regarding an LED bulb is whether or not its base is compatible with your fixture. Many common chandelier bulbs have E11 or E12 bases (the latter is specifically also called a candelabra base) but it is not altogether uncommon for chandelier bulbs to be larger, with bases such as E26 (26mm). Make sure you are certain that the base type matches your lighting fixture before you buy new bulbs - and of course, you can call us with questions.

How Chandelier Bulbs Can Improve the Setting

Chandelier light bulbs can be used to improve your setting in a number of ways, including the following:

-Set mood lighting with a warmer color temperature

-Provide better ambient lighting for your entryways and indoor gathering spaces.

-The light fixture itself can be used as an accessory or complementary piece to the rest of the setting.

-Switching to compatible LED chandelier bulbs may be able to cut back on your energy expenses.

LED Filament Bulbs

LED filament bulbs are another interesting class of decorative light bulbs, which are sometimes known as vintage style bulbs or Edison light bulbs since they mimic the style of incandescent filament bulbs that are called by the same name. You can see a pictorial representation of this style of the light bulb at the top of this post - those are LED filament bulbs.

These are LED bulbs that have a “false” filament inside that emits very warm, rich, nearly golden light. Many homeowners love them because they create an excellent effect and produce warm, ambient lighting that is inviting and pleasant. Best of all, some of them can simply be plugged into outlets that are designed to accept regular incandescent bulbs, making the switch over easy.

Putting These Decorative Light Bulbs to Use

When it comes to a set of decorative lights like decorative LED filament bulbs, there are plenty of ways to put them to artful use, and plenty of good reasons to do so.

-LED filament bulbs can produce soft, warm, inviting ambient lighting which is ideal for setting the mood. You might call it warm white, but it is more yellow or orange.

-LED filament bulbs, unlike their incandescent counterparts, produce very little heat; traditional Edison bulbs can overheat easily.

-It takes much less energy to operate LED Edison bulbs than incandescent lights, they are very energy efficient and may provide energy savings.

-The effect they produce is one of a kind!

Landscape & Track Lighting

Landscape and track lighting are hard to categorize because there are many different types of fixtures that use them and many different types of bulbs. They also differ in their application, as track lighting is typically used to illuminate indoor settings, whereas landscape lighting is intended to illuminate outdoor areas, such as paths, patios, and porches.

Much track and landscape lighting is incandescent, halogen, or LED lighting, and these can be used to great effect to introduce soft white light into a setting.

Advantages of Landscape & Track Lighting

While they are used for different applications, there are plenty of advantages associated with both of these classes of decorative lighting.

-Track lighting, like chandeliers and Edison bulbs, can be used to enhance the mood of an indoor setting. They can also be used to provide better illumination for indoor spaces.

-Path and landscape lighting can also be used to create a certain mood.

-Another advantage of path and landscape lighting is to provide better lighting, which can improve the safety of your home’s grounds, gardens, paths, driveways, and more.

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