Posted by Brooke S on 27th Jun 2019

2019 Lighting Design Tips and Trends

Living room with two white couches and lighting design with a chandelier

Whether you’re planning on upgrading the interior or exterior of your home, finding the optimal lighting design is important.

We’ve worked with lighting experts to answer homeowner’s most frequent questions – ensuring that your lighting concept meets your needs.

What are the Best Lighting Options for Evening Entertainment on the Patio?

Atlanta Light Bulbs recommends installing string light sets with warm lamps can create an intimate patio setting that will make your neighbors want to join the BBQ this season. Make sure you get string lights that have a compatible screw-in base with the bulbs you desire. Add a Smart Wireless dimming control, that plugs into the outlet and set the light level desired for your patio get together, right from your smartphone!

How Can You Brighten up Naturally Dark Rooms Such as a Basement?

You can brighten up any room with the right lighting. Depending on your style, Maykke offers a range of pendant lighting, lamps, and wall sconces. From neutral and down to earth tones to industrial and modern designs.

What Advantages Does LED Lighting Offer?

Cocoweb describes the many advantages offered by LED Lighting. The main ones being that it is energy saving does not give off any UV so there are no harmful rays, and they are better for the environment. They also run on a fraction of the cost for normal incandescent bulbs, thus saving money in the long run. LED bulbs last longer than any other light you can purchase.

What are the Current trends for Sustainable Lighting Options?

The first thing Energy Lighting Services points out is that LED lighting can reduce your lighting energy consumption by as much as 90%. This leads to a 25-33% savings on your overall electricity bill. Once LEDs are in place, the next level of increasing efficiency and sustainability with lighting is to add smart controls so that you can maximize your savings even more.

What Recent Lighting Trends are Popular in the Kitchen?

Alcon Lighting notes an emergence of two distinctive kitchen lighting trends; a design trend and a trend driven by energy regulation.

Most residential lighting codes across the nation require that at least half of the rated lighting wattage installed in a kitchen must be high efficacy luminaires. Because high efficacy luminaires typically consume less power than other luminaires, about 75 percent of kitchen lights are likely to be high efficacy. For homeowners, this means having to grasp the difference between color temperature and C.R.I. and how they impact the kitchen vs. the living room.

As far as design, Alcon Lighting’s team reports an increased demand for organic layouts of fixtures as opposed to symmetry. The idea of providing balance is being subordinated to sporadically interspersed lighting fixtures throughout the kitchen space.

What Chandeliers are Recommended for a Rustic Farmhouse Design?

A big trend MM Lighting has seen in home building and interior design is the rustic farmhouse look. Chandeliers that incorporate natural elements, like wood, rope, rattan, and iron, work really well with this style. Since these materials act as neutrals, they’re really convenient for mixing with plumbing and hardware finishes, which is a major plus. We’re also seeing lots of unlacquered brass and gilded finishes, which have a nostalgic, lived-in feel while still being very current.

What Style of Sconces are Currently Trending?

Color Cord notes that plug-in sconces are the biggest trend with their customers right now. Not having a junction box where precisely where you want a sconce is a thing of the past. The added convenience and versatility of a plug-in sconce is hard to beat.

What Type of Exterior Lights are Best for Enhanced Security?

McKay Lighting focuses on aesthetically pleasing lighting concepts that also makes the yard more secure. The following light features with increase security:

  • Adding some uplights close to the house
  • Layering in uplights that are further out in the yard
  • Downlighting from trees to eliminate dark corners

Security experts would also say adding uplights to the garage are important because it’s the main entry and exit point. McKay also recommends using automatic light timers to avoid forgetting to turn on switches.