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10 Questions to Ask Your LED Lighting Supplier & Installer

Posted by Doug Root on September 29, 2016

When looking at upgrading your lighting in your facility there are some very important questions to ask your potential lighting partner. At ALB Energy Solutions, we want to the take the time to understand your goals and objectives, ensuring your satisfaction and a successful lighting retrofit. We hope you look at lighting as an investment not an expense.

Although, our ultimate hope is that WE get a chance to partner with you on your upcoming lighting project, we understand in some cases you may be getting quotes from vendors before making your final selection. As lighting professionals, we have complied some useful questions to ask. We have also included our answeres to the questions. 

Doug Root and Jesse Root Atlanta Light Bulbs ALB Energy Solutions1. How many years has your company been in business? (How long in the U.S.?)

ALB: 35 Years – U.S. Atlanta based, family business – 2nd generation ownership. The owners  Doug Root and Jesse Root live and work in DeKalb County.

2. Who manufactures your lighting products or do you distribute for US brand names? (If major brands, which ones?)

ALB: We offer over 120 brands of energy efficient lighting products from brands you know, such as PHILIPS, OSRAM, Maxlite, Acuity & Halco. Due to the inconsistencies in dealing directly with Chinese LED manufacturers, Atlanta Light Bulbs does not directly import LED bulbs and fixtures.

We believe that true LED manufacturers are in the business of research, design and improvement. We demand high quality LED products. We are in the business of specifying and distributing LEDs and energy efficient building products. We are not an importer or a manufacturer.

You will find many local small LED companies that claim to manufacturer the product. However, they are solely buying product directly from one of the thousands of undocumented oversea manufacturers. They then market themselves as a manufacturer. Since little R&D goes into their products, they are usually selling LED technology that is several generations behind the latest technology available. What happens if they go out of business? 

Like the LED Mart pictured to the left.

3. How many documented Google, Yelp or Shopper reviews do you have? Can I get 3 referrals?

ALB: We believe in earning your business, so we encourage our customers to grade us on our performance and sharing their experience with other customers and potential customers. We are not perfect but we strive for excellence. Yes, We have plenty of happy clients to refer you to.

Atlanta Light Bulbs ALB Energy Solutions Reviews shopper approved

Shopper Approved – 23,000 Reviews with 18,000 5 Star Reviews –4.7 Overall Star Rating

Google+ 28 Reviews 4.4 Overall Star Rating

Google Trusted Store– 100 Reviews 4.9 Overall Star Rating

4. Do you offer turnkey lighting retrofits & financing?

ALB: Yes. Lighting Specification, Installation, Project Financing, Utility Rebates. We can finance the entire project. We have 3 rd party partners who can structure a deal where the energy savings can offset your payments.

5. Do you have a physical warehouse where you stock product?

ALB: Yes, we have a 20,000 square foot facility that houses over $500,000 of product made up of 7,500 different SKUs, a state of the art lighting and energy solutions showroom, our inside sales & customer service team, and our executive management team.

6. Do you have product liability insurance? How much?

ALB: Yes, we carry, $2,000,000 in product liability and also have $5,000,000 in Umbrella coverage. You can be sure we do have you covered.

7. If the product fails after the purchase or during the warranty period who do I contact?

Find this out! On some products you may bring the product back to where you purchased the item. This is an area that a lighting buyer needs to pay close attention to. We have seen 5 LED store fronts pop up within our own area in the past 24 months of those 2 have closed.

Some manufacturers will cover the warranty directly so you will deal with the factory rather than the distributor, if they go out of business what next?

Many of the LED lines that smaller LED companies carry are not represented by a manufacturers corporate office in the US. So, how do you get in touch with a factory in Shenzhen China if you have 3 bad fixtures sold to you by them from an importer who no longer carries the line or is out of business?

ALB: If you are dealing with us you will come directly back to us and we will help to facilitate the warranty by working with you and the manufacturer.

8. Does your product have any of the following; Energy Star, DLC or LDL qualification?

ALB: We try to use DLC or Energy Star rated products when we can. DLC ratings are good for lighting buyers as they put all the LED products on an even playing field. Overseas LED manufacturers can claim whatever they want about a product with no liability. However, if they want to get a LDL, DLC or Energy Star rating their product goes through strict testing and the labeling requirements mandate industry standard information and dissipate far-fetched claims of excessive life spans and lumen outputs. These ratings are good to look for and ask for when shopping.

9. Is your business a member of any local or nationally recognized organizations?

ALB: Yes, we have won the Kennesaw State Coles College of Business Small Family Business of the Year in 2014 - We were also the runner up in 2013. Additionally, we were one of the Top 200 Electrical Distributors in the United States in 2014 and 2015! In 2014, we were awarded the Think Global Exporter of the Year in Electronics/Electrical. We are a member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors(NAED). Finally, we have been recognized by the Secretary of State as an Extraordinary Georgia Family Business.

10. Do you have certified Lighting Specialist on your lighting team?

ALB: Yes, we send our team through independent testing by the National Association of Lighting Distributors. The LS-1 certification ensures you are dealing with a professional who has taken the time to learn about lighting and the way it impacts business and energy usage.

BONUS... Are you a Georgia Power Trade Ally (facilitating energy rebates)?

ALB: Yes, we are and we will handle the entire process for YOU! Sit back and enjoy the savings and benefits of your new lighting & energy efficient products-

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