Posted by Doug Root on 3rd Apr 2019

Our Favorite Lighting Apps for Android and IOS Devices

several light bulbs descend from the ceiling

A smart lights app seems so small, but it has the potential to benefit your bank account as well as your home. The way you light up your house affects more than your energy bill. It affects your mood, as well. Bright white lights are harsh and draining in more ways than one. With the help of app controlled lights, you get to take advantage of how cost-effective smart bulbs are. Even more than that, you can create customized color palettes in every room of your home. That might involve illuminating your living room with a rosy glow or turning the den into a dance club. Check out what's available and think about updating your lighting scheme.

Switch On with OnSwitch

The OnSwitch smart lights app works with both Android and iOS devices, which means that nearly any smartphone user can take advantage of the handy app. You can use it with Hue lights from the Philips brand, or you can play around with the smart bulbs marketed by LIFX. Whichever bulb you choose, OnSwitch is unlike any light app you've ever used. It gives you the chance to take the lighting in your home to another level.

While you can play around with all the standard controls, such as remotely turning on and off your lights and experimenting with an assortment of color palettes, OnSwitch goes beyond that. In some ways, you might call it a little extra, but once you see the app's cloud effect, its fireworks show, or its crackling fireside glow, you won't mind the extra bit of drama.

The best part is that in addition to the free scenes available on the app, you also have the chance to purchase additional views. That means that you can change the lighting and the effects for different events. Throwing a summer party? Bring out the fireworks. Hosting a holiday dinner? Check to see which seasonal effects are available.

Create a Routine with Yonomi

an overhead light shines from above

Most people want app controlled lights so that they can control the lights in their home no matter where they are. That's the entire idea. Yonomi embraces that purpose and then some. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app supports bulbs from a number of high-profile lighting manufacturers, such as Philips Hue bulbs. What's awesome about Yonomi is that it will also control other smart devices, such as Nest thermostats and streaming players or voice assistants. Using the app, you can automate your home to suit your needs and turn it into a more comfortable place to live.

Schedule the Day with Element Home

The Element Home app is part of the Element Classic A19 Kit, which is manufactured by Sengled. When you buy the kit, you receive two bulbs, the hub, and an Ethernet cable. From that point, of course, you need to go into your app store to download the app. Fortunately, it's compatible with both Android and iOS smart devices.

With the app, you can create a tailor-made lighting schedule specifically for you and your family. Use it to switch on the lights or turn off  every smart bulb in your home. Play around with the stellar Wake-Up Time option to schedule your lights to come on in a set pattern each morning. That can help you to wake up and start your day in a comfortable, well-lighted setting. The most notable aspect of the app, however, is that you have the option to control how much power you use as it applies to your lights.

The Disco Vibe

a disco balls spins

HueDisco is the smart lights app for anyone who still has disco dreams. You can use it whether you have an iOS device or an Android phone. However, the app is only compatible with the Hue smart bulbs by the Philips brand, so bear that in mind if you want to use it. (Spoiler alert: you want to use it.)

It's one of the most entertaining lighting apps you could ever hope to use. When you're having a party, get-together, or game night, it livens up the atmosphere and  jump-starts the mood. Just make sure that you have a playlist ready to queue up in the background because HueDisco creates a link between the tunes and your lights. The colors change in rhythm with the beat of the music. You have complete control over the sensitivity of the microphone, as well as the color palette, allowing you to tailor a lighting experience for any event. And yes, in case you're wondering, there's also a strobe light effect. Who needs a disco ball?

Yeti Keeps It All in One Place

It's not always easy to consolidate all of the smart bulbs in your house. Yeti allows you to handle all of your app controlled lights, though. It's a third-party application that works with smart tech from Ecobee, LIFX, Nest, Philips Hue, and TP-link. With the help of the app, you can change the automation schemes for all of your lights. The interface is simple to understand, as well, so you won't get confused as you take your home lighting system to a convenient new level.

Take the Next Step with Stringify

Stringify is another app that can control not only your smart lights but also your other smart gadget. It relies on Flows, an easy-to-use automation feature that allows you to drag your configurations as you plan the actions you want the app to take. You won't have trouble choosing color palettes, brightness levels, or schematics. Stringify goes a step further than other light apps because you can also use it with a variety of external services, such as RSS feeds and IFTTT. What that means is that you can set up the app so that the lights flash anytime you receive an email. Heck, you can even tailor the app so that the lights only alert you to important emails from your family or your job.

Sunsprite for a Brighter Day

Sunsprite is a distinctly unique smart lights app. It's an app and device combo that acts as a monitor for light exposure. If you spent a lot of time in dark spaces, the app can remind you to get out and immerse yourself in the daylight. It's particularly helpful during the dark winter months when daylight doesn't last as long. It's essentially a device, driven by solar power, that you can clip to your clothing, such as your collar, and sync with your phone.

A smart lights app can change the way you live. Not only do you save power when you're able to control your lights remotely, but it's beyond convenient to be able to shut off the lights when you forget or to light up your home so that it's ready and welcoming the second you walk in the door after a long day at work. Learn more about  lighting apps and the smart bulbs that they can control. Atlanta Light Bulbs has an unbeatable selection of smart bulbs. Aren't you ready to save on your power bill?