Posted by Doug Root on 3rd Dec 2020

An Introduction to LED Chandelier Light Bulbs

If you didn’t realize, many lighting fixtures are trending the way of LED lights, and decorative fixtures are no exception to that rule. If you have chandeliers or similar light fixtures in your hom … read more

Posted by Doug Root on 21st Nov 2020

Are T8 LED Conversions Worth It?

The likelihood of the situation is that you’re here because your warehouse, commercial property, public space, high bay, or shop uses fluorescent fixtures or fluorescent lighting to keep things lit … read more

Posted by Doug Root on 19th Nov 2020

Did You Know These Facts about LED Light Bulbs?

Energy-efficient, practical, tough, and long-lasting, Americans are replacing their current lighting with LED lights in droves. But there are other things about LED light bulbs that you might n … read more