Posted by Doug Root on 31st Aug 2021

Are All UV Bulbs Germicidal?

You may have heard it said at some point or other that extreme care must be exercised when handling or in the presence of UV bulbs. There is some truth to this - but it depends on what type of UV bu … read more

Posted by Doug Root on 24th Aug 2021

All about Osram Bulbs

Osram Licht AG, also known simply as OSRAM, produces some of the most highly regarded products in the lighting industry. Their lighting products range from simple miniature halogen bulbs to linear … read more

Posted by Doug Root on 10th Aug 2021

A Quick Classification of Fluorescent Tube Lights

Fluorescent lights, though they were developed in some form nearly a hundred years ago, are widely utilized in industrial, residential, commercial, and other settings because they have many advantag … read more