Metal Halide Ballast F-Can Ballast

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F-Can ballasts are ideal for indoor, low-noise applications. Because they are encased and potted in fluorescent ballast-style cans and include insulating materials. operation is nearly silent

Features and Benefits
Ideal for indoor, low-noise applications:
-Libraries -Hospitals -Retail Environments
-Schools -Offices -Commercial Centers
-Airports -Outdoor Signage -Service/GasStations

Excellent for Outdoor Use. Perfect for cold weather applications that require significant light output with superior energy efficiency.
Versatile Lamping Options. All F-Can ballasts are rated for use with both standard probe start and pulse start metal halides.
Thermal Protection Technology. Each ballast has a thermal protector that automatically disconnects power from the ballast if overheating should occur.
Easy Installation. Our F-Can ballasts include the capacitor inside the can, simplifying installation and saving you time and money.