Metal Halide Ballast Electronic 0-99 Watts

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An Electronic Ballast for Your Metal Halide Lamps

Ranking high on the CRI, or color rendering index, metal halide lamps provide accurate, natural lighting. They’re especially common in areas without access to sunlight, such as warehouses, factories, and offices.

In order to start, regulate, and sustain your lighting system, you’re going to need an electronic ballast for your metal halide lamps. These electronic ballasts will work with your 20W, 35W, 39W, 50W, 70W metal halide lamps

The Advantages of Electronic Ballasts

Many lighting specialists are now choosing to use electronic ballasts instead of magnetic ballasts due to several advantages, such as:

  • Electronic ballasts use less energy and have a longer working lifespan.
  • Unlike magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts don’t produce heat
  • Electronic ballasts don’t produce the unpleasant humming sound or flickering often associated with aged magnetic ballasts. 
  • Some electronic ballasts also have dimming capabilities, which isn’t possible with magnetic ballasts.

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