Metal Halide Ballast 1000 Watts and Up

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Metal Halide Ballast 1000 Watts and Up for Metal Halide Lamps

Commonly found in warehouses, large retail stores, sports stadiums, parking lots, and other areas that require wide overhead lighting, metal halide lamps provide efficient, attractive lighting.

Our metal halide ballast 1000 watt units are required to start, regulate, and sustain your metal halide lamps. Choose from a wide range of high-quality ballasts with a variety of configurations to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Natural Lighting for Commercial or Outdoor Use

While some homeowners may use metal halide lamps for outdoor security lighting, they’re often used in commercial settings where natural light isn’t ready available. Metal halide lamps rank high on the CRI, or color rendering index, which means they provide accurate, pleasant lighting, ideal for offices, warehouses, and other commercial and industrial buildings.

Use your metal halide ballast for lamps 1000 watts and up to keep your commercial lights running safely and reliably.

Upgrade Your Lighting Today

In many cases, metal halide lighting systems can be used in place of outdated mercury lamps. Whether it’s time for your company to retrofit its current lighting to reduce overhead costs, or you’re a contractor building a new lighting system, our 1000 watt metal halide ballast products will get the job done right. Using efficient lighting solutions is an easy way to drastically cut monthly expenditures, while also reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

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