LED Emergency Driver

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What is an Emergency LED Driver?

Many new LED fixtures being offered in the market do not offer a factory installed option for emergency back up light. Building managers, facility engineers and maintenance supervisors are in charge of keeping their building to safe and to code. To solve the issue manufacturers such as Bodine, Fulham, Keystone and Hatch created field installable emergency backup LED driver combo units. Backup emergency LED drivers are designed specifically for light fixtures that have a diver installed but do not have the emergency back up light needed for code requirements.  

Backup drivers are installed in the field and regulate the power supplied to the LED fixture by operating off of a battery back up component installed within the combo LED battery back up unit. Typically these units are set to operate back up LED strips or LED tube lights at a certain lumen level for a set amount of time, usually 90 minutes. If you need assistance with finding the right emergency LED back up driver to make your commercial building up to code and OSHA’s guidelines, contact us at 1-888-988-2852 - we are here to help!