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LED Drivers for Lighting

LED drivers power supplies that are similar to the ballasts used for fluorescent lighting systems, in that they provide power to your lights and keep them regulated properly. Because LEDs require DC power but are often used in AC-powered environments, LED drivers may also be used to convert AC current to DC. Using the right LED drivers for lighting keeps your lights running at optimal efficiency, saving your money in electricity costs and helping you to meet your green goals.

Choosing the Right Driver

There are three types of LED drivers:

  • Constant-current
  • Constant-voltage
  • AC-specific

Some LED lamps have internal drivers included with the lamp itself, and those cannot be replaced. If you do need to replace your external driver, you should look for one that has the same specifications as the LED chip in your lamp. If you’re not able to find the specifications for your lamp, or if you have any questions about LED drivers for lighting at all, our friendly experts are just a phone call or email away.

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