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Fluorescent ballasts are used in virtually every office, warehouse, school, church and building in the US and abroad. Here at Atlanta Light Bulbs, we carry thousands of ballasts, including T8 ballasts, T12 ballasts, T5 ballasts, compact fluorescent ballast, sign ballasts, freezer ballasts, circline ballasts, and germicidal ballasts.

Similar to an LED driver but not the same, a fluorescent ballast is a component of an electrical circuit that regulates the voltage to a fluorescent lamp. Since fluorescent lamps often require a higher voltage than they do to operate, a ballast provides a higher voltage to start the lamp and then lowers and regulates the voltage once the lamp reaches the desired brightness.


While other types of lamps require ballasts as well, they all regulate the power supplied to the lamp, which in this case enables fluorescent lighting to provide a steady light output and also protects them from damage while extending the lamp life.


Selecting the Right Fluorescent Ballast

Fluorescent ballasts are basically put into two major categories, one being electronic and the other being magnetic. Within these two categories there are many shapes, sizes and styles. To select the ballast you need to replace, locate the cat no. (catalog number) on the ballast. This number is typically printed in bold on the label and is what we use to figure out exactly which ballast you need.

Contact Us for Expert Assistance

Over the past few years, some types of fluorescent ballasts have been discontinued due to the 2005 E-Pact legislation. If you find your ballast is not listed on our website, or it has a note that states there is limited availability, please contact one of our representatives. We’ll be happy to help you locate an electronic replacement and assist you with the wiring of the new ballast. For many lamps, however, magnetic ballasts are the only type available unless you switch to one of the Fulham Workhorse ballasts.

We stock all the major brands, including Universal Lighting Technologies, PHILIPS Advance, Fulham, AC Electronics and many more. We carry ballast for all types of applications including freezers, sign ballast, dimming ballasts, T8 ballasts, T12 ballasts, and T5 ballasts. If you need help selecting the right fluorescent ballasts, please call our helpful experts at 1-888-988-2852. You can also reach our in-house specialists online by emailing [email protected] or filling out our contact form. Save on top-quality commercial lighting solutions at Atlanta Light Bulbs.