Ballast CFL Electronic PLL 4 Pin Lamps

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Home and commercial lighting technology has rapidly advanced in recent years due to a need for efficient energy solutions. A 4 pin CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) is a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking to reduce their electricity bill and carbon footprint.

A Quiet and Consistent Fluorescent Lighting Solution

Fluorescent PLL 4 PinMany people don’t think highly of fluorescent lighting with its reputation for flickering, harsh light and loud buzzing. There’s no denying that older fluorescent lights were less than ideal, but today’s electronic ballasts resolve those issues. If you want to get the most out of your 4 pin CFL lamps, we highly recommend opting for our cutting-edge electronic ballasts for reliable power.

Choosing the Right Ballast

Fluorescent PLL 4 PinSometimes selecting the right ballast is easier said than done, especially if you're not familiar with professional lighting. Our goal at Atlanta Light Bulbs is to be a resource for accurate and reliable information so that you can make the right choice the first time. If you need help choosing the right 4 pin CFL base, or if you have any lighting questions at all, don’t hesitate to give our qualified lighting specialists a call today.

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