Ballast CFL 2 Pin Lamps Magnetic

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Also known as inductive or electromagnetic ballasts, magnetic ballasts are essential components to a lighting system that regulate current flow from your power source into your lamps. While electronic ballasts are prized as quieter and less prone to flickering, magnetic ballasts are still the simple and affordable standard that gets the job done. If you need to power a compact fluorescent lamp, a 2 pin CFL ballast setup might be the right solution for you.

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Ballast CFL 2 Pin Lamps MagneticWhether you’re retrofitting an existing fixture or installing brand new lighting, we have the products to facilitate a successful project. Why pay more for 2 pin CFL ballasts when we offer premium lighting products for less? Our primary focus is to be your only resource for high-quality lighting, including rare, specialized bulbs and fixtures.

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Ballast CFL 2 Pin Lamps MagneticWe strive to be so much more than just a lighting retailer. Our wide selection and commitment to oustanding customer service sets us apart from the competition. Our lighting professionals have the technical expertise to assist you with any lighting project. If you’re not quite sure which of our 2 pin CFL ballasts are appropriate for your needs, just give us a call and we’ll guide you through it.

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