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LED Drivers carries a variety of LED drivers which are also known as power supplies. LED Drivers serve the same function as a ballast does for the fluorescent lamp. LED Drivers provide LEDs with the electricity they require to turn on and function at optimum efficiency. Most applications for LEDs call for use in AC powered environments. therefore drivers are used to transform the AC current in to DC or direct current. LEDs run on low voltage, direct current.

So all LED light bulbs require a driver whether it is internal or external to the lamp. Most LED bulbs that are purchased today have an internal driver that is built into the lamp. These drivers do generate heat along with the LED chip or chips, so cooling these lamps is of the extremely important. Many indoor and outdoor LED fixtures are designed with an external driver mounted in the fixture away from the LED chips. This is for 2 reasons, LED drivers do not offer the same life span capabilities as LED chips so they will fail long before the LED chips do, therefore being able to service a fixture by adding a new driver is key. Another is heat, LED chips and drivers give off heat keeping the two away from each other is key to the thermal management system that the LED fixture has designed into it. Unfortunately, internal drivers cannot be replaced, so if your household LED dies early, you must purchase an entirely new bulb.

What LED driver do I need?

There are three types of LED drivers: constant-current, constant-voltage, and AC specific LED drivers. The LED chip that is specificed determines the driver that is needed. Always replace drivers with the same specifications. To find your LED driver, look at your LED (or the LED driver that you are replacing) and select the correct voltage range. If the driver has a specified specific voltage, you need a constant-voltage driver If there is a range of output voltages and current specification you need a constant-current driver.

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