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Ballast CFL Electronic 4 Pin Lamps

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  • C2642UNVME
    Electronic Ballast for 2 CF26/4 Pin Lamps - Operates on 120-277V - The C2642UNVME Universal Lighting Technologies Kit includes: wires, mounting brackets for universal mounting positions. This ballast also operates 1 32W or...

  • ICF-2S26-H1-LDK-UNV
    Ballast 2 CF26/4P lamps 120-277V Rated The Advance ICF-2S26-H1-LD Smartmate Electronic Ballast is a Programmed Start ballast will operate many lamps in series. Small size - kit comes with everything you need to install a new...

    NEW VERSION - SUNPARK HAS CHANGED THE SIZE AND WIRING. This Ballast for 2 CF13/4P or CF18/4P Lamps the Sunpark SL27T ballast will also operate 2 F17T8 or F20T12 lamps. 3.75 inches long x 2 inches wide x 1.2 inches high...

    Ballast 2 CF26/4PIN or 1 32W CFL Lamps- 51833 Sylvania brand electronic compact fluorescent ballast. This ballast operates on 120-277V and has wire entrances on the sides and the bottom of the ballast. In order to run your...

    Electronic Ballast for 1 F20T12 or CF13-18/4P or FC22T8 or F15T8 lamps. 2 Red wires - 2 blue wires - 1 black wire - 1 white wire. Electronic CFL Ballast for SaleIf you’re running a compact fluorescent lamp setup, it’s...

  • FR2600-120 HATCH
    FR2600-120 HATCH
    Ballast 1 CF26/4P 120V Rated Hatch electronic 4 pin compact fluorescent electronic ballast. Manufacturers code on ballast - DC:1210GE-120 FR2600L 120V Hatch Ballast for CFL LampsIn order to run your lighting system safely...

    Ballast for 2 CF32/4 Pin Lamps 120V This ballast will also run CF26/4 Pin lamps. Interglobal brand ballast This Item ReplacesThis product is a direct replacement for the following items: Specifications Minimum...

    Ballast 1 CF26/4 Pin lamp 120V only Keystone ballast for compact fluorescent lamps. This Item ReplacesThis product is a direct replacement for the following items: Specifications Minimum Qty 1 Brand Keystone...

    Ballast for 2 CF42/4P Lamps 120-277V - The Philips Advance Smartmate ballast kit for (2) 42W compact fluorescent lamps. The kit comes with all parts for multiple mounting types. 90 Degree C rated. Also operates 1 32W CFL...

    Ballast 2 CF18/4P lamps 120-277V The Universal mounting kit includes wires, mounting plate and ballast. This has multiple exits for wire entry. Bottom and sides. The plate can be used to mount the ballast to a J box. This...

    Ballast 2 CF13/4P 120-277V The Universal Lighting Technologies compact fluorescent ballast kit includes mounting brackets for universal mounting. Universal voltage compact fluorescent ballasts offer both 1- and 2- lamp...

  • FR1800-120 HATCH
    FR1800-120 HATCH
    Ballast for 1 CF18/4P Lamp - 120V Rated - Hatch electronic compact fluorescent ballast for 18W 4 pin lamps. This ballast is rated for 120V FR1800 Ballast for CFL LampsIf your industrial lighting setup needs a dependable,...

    Electronic Ballast for 1 CF42/32/26W/4P 120-277V 3.34" L x 2.93" w x 1.35" H - Programmed Start. If you’re on the hunt for a dependable ballast for your CFL lighting setup, this PowerSelect rapid start ballast is a solid...

  • FR2600-277 HATCH
    FR2600-277 HATCH
    Ballast 1 CF26/4P 277V Rated Hatch electronic 4 pin compact fluorescent ballast. DC:2710GE-277 This Item ReplacesThis product is a direct replacement for the following items: DC:2710GE-277 FR-2600-277L HATCH ...

    Ballast 2 CF26/4P CFL lamps 120V electronic compact fluorescent ballast. This ballast will operate 2 or 1 26W lamps. The dimensions are 6.61IN(L)x1.89IN(W)x0.98IN(H) This Item ReplacesThis product is a direct replacement...

  • NU6-2128-PSX B+L
    NU6-2128-PSX B+L
    Ballast for 1 5W-28W 4 Pin CFL Lamp - 277V Rated - Instant Start - for side wire feed,matchbox format X This Item ReplacesThis product is a direct replacement for the following items: Specifications Minimum...

  • ICF-2S18-H1-LD-UNV
    Ballast 2 CF18/4P 120-277V Electronic Advance Smartmate Centium Ballast. Electronic programmed start ballast runs lamps in series. The ballast will operate 1 or 2 CF18/4P/GX24Q lamps, or 1 or 2 F212D/4P lamps. This Item...

    Ballast for 2 or 1 CF26/4P Lamps ACE Ballast -120-277V Rated -30 Degree start - cool temperature operator This Item ReplacesThis product is a direct replacement for the following items: Specifications Minimum...

  • QTP1/2X18CF/UNV DM
    QTP1/2X18CF/UNV DM
    ELECTRONIC BALLAST THAT OPERATES 2 CF18/4P LAMPS - INPUT VOLTAGE 120-277V 51823 SYLVANIA BRAND DUAL ENTRY WITH SIDE MOUNT FEET. This Item ReplacesThis product is a direct replacement for the following items: QTP...

  • QTP1/2X13CF/UNV DM
    QTP1/2X13CF/UNV DM
    BALLAST 2 CF13/4P 120-277V 51818 SYLVANIA BRAND SIDE & BOTTOM EXIT ELECTRONIC CFL BALLAST This Item ReplacesThis product is a direct replacement for the following items: QTP1/2X13CF/UNV BS QTP1/2X13CF/UNV TS ...


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Electronic Ballasts CFL 4 Pin Lamps

Do you need to power your 4-pin CFL bulbs? We have all of the CFL ballasts you need. Fluorescent technology requires an electronic ballast to regulate the current going through the light bulb. If there wasn’t a ballast, the current would continue increasing and eventually destroy the bulb. This is the case whether you are using traditional fluorescent lights or compact fluorescent lights.

By running a current through mercury vapor, fluorescent lights produce ultraviolet light, which then passes through the phosphor coating, ultimately producing visible light. CFLs are the compact version of a fluorescent light bulb, and are considered an energy efficient lighting technology that is available at an affordable price.

The Components You Need

We have a large inventory of CFL 4-pin ballast components, and you should be able to find the exact parts you need to power your particular lighting solution. You can search our ballast selection by wattage and voltage by using the filters on our search page. You can also choose the brand you prefer, as we stock products from all the top companies like Philips, Fulham, Halco Lighting, Osram Sylvania, Keystone Technologies, Interglobal, Hatch, AC Electronics, and others.

Your Lighting Experts

Atlanta Light Bulbs has over 3 decades of experience serving electricians, businesses, and lighting contractors with the best lighting products in the industry. With our reputation for service and expertise, we aim to be your go-to source for every lighting solution.

Call us at 1-888-988-2852 with any questions you have. You can also send our lighting specialists a message on our chat system. Shop for your CFL 4-pin ballast today.

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