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CFL (Compact Fluorescent) Bulbs Screw Base

CFL (Compact Fluorescent) Bulbs

AtlantaLightBulbs.com stocks many different brands, shapes and sizes of compact fluorescent bulbs. CFL bulbs are a mainstay for the commercial lighting buyer. They are inexpensive when compared to LED bulbs. 

CFL Bulb Advantages

CFL, or compact fluorescent lamp, is basically a straight fluorescent tube that has been coiled up and integrated with a ballast. CFL bulbs are inexpensive when compared to other technologies like LED bulbs. The cost on these light sources is significantly less than an LED and they are pretty efficient when it comes light output measurement or LPW(Lumens Per Watt). The CFL is a great product to use in commercial offices and buildings. Purchasing managers love the fact that they cost a little bit more than a regular light bulb, have a fairly long lifespan(10,000 hours) and save energy(upto 75% when compared to a standard light bulb).

CFL Bulb Disadvantages

People have been scared of the "mercury" in CFL bulbs for some time. All major facilities and commercial buildings have these mercury containing fluorescents installed in the 2x4 fluorescent fixtures above their heads. Care should be taken if one is broken.  Mercury is a heavy metal, and you should dispose of them properly and follow clean up guidelines set by the EPA.

One of the biggest disadvantages to CFL bulbs is that they do not like to be dimmed. CFL bulbs basically like to be on or off, not in the middlle. So when these lamps are dimmed and the voltage is dropped to the bulb they tend to hmmmm and can be very annoying in an office or conference room environment.