Effects of legislation on lighting

Time is running out! New lighting legislation takes effect July 14, 2012.

Many businesses and consumers are about to be impacted by some of the biggest changes in the lighting industry in years. In a few short months many of the common place lighting products will go the way of the dinosaur.

Effective July 14, 2012 the US Department of Energy will ban the manufacture non-conforming halogen PAR lamps, linear and U-shaped fluorescents, and incandescent reflector lamps. These lamps must meet minimum LPW(lumen per watt) requirements. Most standard lamps in these categories will fail the test making them non compliant.

    The LPW regulations will affect the following lamps:
  • All Standard Halogen PAR38, PAR30, and PAR20 that are 40-205 Watts.
  • All Standard T12 Ubend & Linear 4 Foot T12 Fluorescents.
  • Many 4 Foot T8 Fluorescents.
  • Most 8 Foot T12 Fluorescent Single Pin and High Output.
  • Some Incandescent Reflectors R20, R30, BR30, R40, and BR40 are affected.

Many manufacturers of these items are beefing up their inventories.

Atlanta Light Bulbs will be able to sell non conforming lamps until all inventories are depleted.