The following items are not included in our flat rate shipping program:

Most Fluorescent tubes, all U-bend fluorescent lamps, and all overweight ballasts/fixtures.

Due to the large size and amount of packaging required in order for these products to ship safely it is not possible for us to offer flat rate shipping on them. Standard UPS ground shipping rates apply.

How do I know if the item I want to order will qualify for flat rate shipping?

    Beneath the price of each item on the item detail page you will find the answer to whether or not that item qualifies for flat rate shipping.
  • If an item qualifies it will have "Flat Rate Shipping Eligible" beneath the price.
  • If an item does not qualify for flat rate shipping them it will have "Ineligible For Flat Rate Shipping" beneath the price.

Please note: If you order multiple items and not all items on your order qualify for flat rate shipping then your order as a whole will be disqualified from flat rate shipping and you will be charged standard shipping rates. All shipping rate offers including flat rate, free shipping, and standard rates are calculated and available on a per order basis only. Payment amounts, items, or fees of any kind may not be combined from multiple order numbers in order to obtain promotional rates on a single order.

How do I preview shipping costs on an item that does not qualify for flat rate shipping?

Just add the item to your shopping cart, make sure the quantity is adjusted for the amount you need, and then click "Shipping Rate Preview" to select your state and get your rate.