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OSRAM Sylvania recalls LED SubtiTUBE® T8 Bulbs

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As Published on the OSRAM Sylvania website:

SubstiTUBE® IS T8 LED Lamps Recall

A voluntary recall has been announced by OSRAM SYLVANIA for certain SubstiTUBE® IS T8 LED lamps (Model Numbers 73312-1 and 73315-1 only). These lamps may overheat and melt, causing a potential burn hazard. Please stop using this product immediately.

No other SubstiTUBE IS products are affected by this recall.

The model number will appear on both the lamp label and the carton label.

Item Number

Product Description





If you have the affected SubstiTUBE® IS T8 LED Lamps (Model numbers 73312-1 & 73315-1 only), you should contact OSRAM SYLVANIA for a free replacement. Do not return this product to the electrical distributor. For more information please call OSRAM SYLVANIA toll-free at 1-877-423-3772 from 8AM to 6PM ET Monday through Friday or email ProductQuality@sylvania.com

At OSRAM SYLVANIA, your safety is important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For more information visit:


AtlantaLightBulbs.com has not sold any LED T8 lamps from OSRAM Sylvania.

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