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8 Foot LED Fluorescent Replacement Lighting for Warehouses

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There has been a lot of improvements in the LED World especially in the LED fluorescent replacement offering.  LED tube lights have been around for about 4 years and have drastically come down in pricing. Many manufacturers offer LED tube lights in 2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot & 5 foot. AtlantaLightBulbs.com has been looking for a quality manufacturer of 8 foot T12 & T8 single pin LED tube light replacements for quite some time. We have tested many and seen them fail or start to sag in the middle of the lamp. We are proud to say we finally have found a tube that we like and we are now offering this tube online!

In the US there are hundreds of thousands of warehouses and distribution centers that have 8 foot strip fixtures. These 8 foot strip fixtures have 2 lamps per fixture. The lamps that go into these fixtures are usually F96T12/CW/EW or F96T12/DX there are many other variations of this lamp but these are the most common. 

Introducing the ARVA HyLite Tube Light!

HyLite LED T8 Tube Lights are the premier LED linear replacement for traditional T12, T10, and T8 fluorescent tube lights. Unlike traditional fluorescents that can waste as much of 50% of their light shining upward, HyLite LED T8 Tube Lights emit 90% of their light in a 130-degree downward direction, significantly reducing lighting pollution.

The Proprietary design of HyLite LED T8 Tube Lights allows exceptional light output, efficiency, and thermal management. HyLite LED T8 Tube Lights are rated for 50,000 hours of lamp life and can save anywhere from 67% to 75% on power compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. HyLite LED T8 Tube lights are available in a wide range of color temperatures and sizes to meet the needs of any application. HyLite LED T8 Tube Lights are quick and easy to install. They are designed to fit into existing fluorescent fixtures, allowing for the benefit of LED lighting at the lowest possible initial investment.

The HL-T8-8C-36W-50K is $69.99 each and can be purchased 1 at a time or in cases of 24. We offer bulk discounts for those wanting a large quantity. The HL-T8-8C-36W-50K replaces a standard F96T12 lamp that has a single pin on each end. This lamp is 5000K so it is one of the whiter brighter colored lamps on the market. This lamp will not replace F96T12/HO or VHO lamps. This lamp produces 4,395 lumens and operates on a non ballasted system. This means that the installer has to remove the ballast and wire electricity straight to the sockets. Click here for wiring instructions. or watch the video below. The ARVA LED T8 lamp comes in clear or frosted lenses and is the easiest solution we have found for replacing your 8 foot fluorescent lamps with LED. 

Go from fluorescent to LED easily!

If you need help making the switch to LED from fluorescent please give us a call at 1-888-988-2852. If you are located in Atlanta please call our solutions team at 770-492-5086. We can install your new LED lamps, apply for Georgia power rebates and recycle your old 8 foot lamps!


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