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4 ​Common Home Lighting Mistakes and Their Fixes

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By Arturs Smith LEDWatcher.com

Lighting is one of the most important home decor elements, because lighting dictates that how well we will feel in our space and how well we will see when it gets dark outside. And although it is common sense to install at least some kind of light source in each room of your home, there are several mistakes that people tend to make, when they are thinking about their lighting, that can lead to not only insufficient and dull but also inefficient lighting. So let’s look at some of the most common lighting mistakes and also how to fix them if they have occurred in your home.

1. Forgetting about the natural light

One of the first mistakes people make when it comes to installing the lighting in their homes is that they forget to use the natural light to their advantage. I have seen a lot of homes where people either put up thick curtains or blinds that don’t allow daylight to come through, or they put their furniture in front of the windows which partly block the window and therefore also block the natural light and they end up having to turn on the lights even during the day. Better strategy is to maximize the natural light as much as you can, by freeing up the window and making sure that even if you have thick night curtains, they can be moved out of the way during the day, so the natural light can shine through your windows and into your home and illuminate it at least during the daylight hours.

2. Installing only one type of lights

The second thing that people often do, especially if they don’t see lamps as an important part of their decor or interior, is that they install only on type of light source, forgetting that there are quite big variety when it comes to types of lamps to choose from. To fix that people should have at least two or better three of these different types of lights in the rooms that you frequent like the living room, bedroom, kitchen and such. I would go with ambient or overhead lamps to provide the main base lighting, accent lights to enhance certain features of each room like a piece of artwork, that beautiful brick wall or the wooden ceiling beams, and task lights for example by the desk or under the upper kitchen cabinets to use when reading, cooking or doing other tasks that require god lighting. This way you will have multiple lighting layers in your home, making the lighting situation in your home much better and letting you also switch certain lights on or off for different lighting moods.

3. Not being aware of the energy that lights consume

However, if you do decide on having multiple light layers in most of the rooms in your home, you cannot forget, that lights consume energy and that without energy efficient bulbs your electricity bill will skyrocket the more lights you add to your home. So make sure that you use LED bulbs instead of other less efficient ones in your lamps and go for solar outdoor lights as your outdoors lighting. These lights might cost you a bit more upfront, but the energy savings will quickly earn back that initial investment and you will have bright, well-illuminating light without the large energy consumption.

4. Choosing the wrong color temperature lights

And lastly people also tend to completely forget about the fact that bulbs come in different color temperatures, and they purchase the ones that are wrong for either the feel they were going for or the color scheme of their home. So pay attention to the color temperature of the bulbs that you buy. Color temperature essentially is the hue of the light, and when it comes to home lighting the two main bulb varieties are warm white and cool while color temperature bulbs. That which color temperature family each type of bulb belongs to is determined by how many Kelvins it has. Warm white bulbs, that emit yellowish light, usually have somewhere from 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvins, but cool white bulbs that emit more of a blue tone light has 5,000 Kelvins and more. How to know which bulbs to buy? Just figure out the feel of the room you want to have. If you want the room to be cozy or there are a lot of warmer tone colors in the room like beige colored walls and brown furniture, then go for the warm white lamps, but if you want more of a brightly illuminated room or there are colorful decor or artwork in the room and you don’t want the light to ruin the colors of those pieces, then chose the cool white color temperature bulbs.

Atlanta Light Bulbs understands lighting and how to properly layer lights in your house to give great ambiance and effect. Call or visit our showroom today! 

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