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AtlantaLightBulbs.com can now help you with all of your battery needs. We carry sealed lead acid batteries, nicad batteries, alkaline batteries and Zeus phone chargers. 

Many commercial customers find themselves having to source lighting and batteries at a great price. We teamed up with numerous battery makers to offer a broad range of sealed lead acid batteries for your exit signs, alarm equipment and back up power supplies. Sealed lead acid batteries are categorized by their voltage first, they are usually 6 volt or 12 volt. The next rating a battery gets is how many amp hours the battery will run after it is charged. Typical times you may see is 6 amp hours or 4.5 amp hours. Batteries also have different type tabs for connecting wire leads, usually .187 or .250 tabs. These batteries should always be recycled. Please check your State's rules.

We carry many different alkaline batteries for use in walkie talkes and communication equipment. Check out our offering 

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