Fluorescent ballast for all lamp types

Electronic Ballast for T2 Lamps
T2 Ballast
T2 Fluorescents
Electronic Ballast for T4 Lamps
T4 Ballast
T4 Fluorescents
Electronic Ballast for T5 Lamps
T5 Ballast
T5 Fluorescents
Electronic Ballast for T5HO Lamps
T5HO Ballast
T5HO Fluorescents
Magnetic Ballast for T6 Showcase Lamps
T6 Ballast
T6 Fluorescents
Electronic Ballast for T8 Lamps
T8 Ballast
T8 Fluorescents
Electronic Ballast for T8HO Lamps
T8HO Ballast
T8HO Fluorescents
Magnetic & Electronic Ballast for T12 Lamps
T12 Ballast
T12 Fluorescents
Magnetic,Electronic & Sign Ballast for T12HO Lamps
T12HO Ballast
T12HO Fluorescents
Magnetic Ballast for T12VHO Lamps
T12VHO Ballast
T12VHO Fluorescents
Fulham Workhorse,Icehorse,Firehorse & Pony Ballast
Fulham Ballast
All Fluorescents
Electronic Dimming Ballast All Lamps
Dimming Ballasts
All Fluorescents
Sign Ballast for T12HO Lamps
Sign Ballast
T12HO Lamps
0 Degree Ballast for T12HO|T12VHO|T8 Lamps
Freezer Ballasts
T8|T12HO & VHO Lamps
Weatherproof Ballast for T12 Lamps
Magnetic Weatherproof
T12 Fluorescents
Emergency Ballast for All Lamps
Emergency Ballast
Battery Backup
Circline Ballast for T5|T8|T9|T12 Lamps
Circline Ballast
Circline Fluorescents
Compact Fluorescent Ballast for 4 Pin and 2 Pin lamps
CFL Ballast
CFL Lamps
Ballast for TUV Lamps
Germicidal Ballasts
Germicidal Lamps
Splice Boxes,Junction Boxes and Mounting Clips
Ballast Accessories
Brackets & Clips

About fluorescent ballasts

Fluorescent ballasts are used in every office, warehouse, school, church and building in the US and abroad. We carry thousands of ballasts including T8 ballasts, T12 ballasts, compact fluorescent ballast, sign ballasts, freezer ballasts, circline ballasts and germicidal ballasts. Fluorescent ballast are basically put into two major categories one being electronic and the other being magnetic. Within these two categories there are many shapes, sizes and styles. The most common ballast, the standard magnetic ballast has been around for years, they are the ballast that cause the “flicker” effect many of us see when we turn on the lights in our offices on a cold morning. These ballast are extremely heavy because they contain large amounts of copper and other metals. Over the past few years many of these have been discontinued due to the 2005 E-Pact legislation. If you find your ballast is not listed on our website, or it has a note that states there is limited availability, please contact one of our representatives. We will be able to locate an electronic replacement and help you with the wiring of the new ballast. For many lamps however, magnetic ballast are the only type of ballast available unless you switch to one of the Fulham Workhorse ballast (Read More).

Electronic ballast are typically seen in newer buildings and in almost all the new fixtures presently being manufactured. These ballast weigh a fraction of their magnetic counterparts because they are made up of small electronic components. Electronic ballast are instant start and extremely quiet so they are popular for use in schools and offices. With rising energy costs switching to electronic ballast is an easy way to save money.

To select the ballast you need to replace, locate the Cat no. or Catalog number on the ballast. This number is typically printed in bold on the label and is what we use to figure out exactly which ballast you need. If your not sure please contact a representative at 1-888-988-2852.