Compact fluorescent ballast for 2 Pin & 4 Pin lamps

Electronic ballasts for 4 pin compact fluorescents
Electronic Ballast
4 Pin CFL Lamps Only
BIAX and PLL ballasts for 2G11 and 2gx7 base lamps
Biax/PLL Ballast
4 Pin 2G11 Base Lamps
Magnetic compact fluorescent ballast for 4 pin lamps
Magnetic Ballast
4 Pin CFL Lamps
Screw in ballasts for converting standard sockets to plug in cfls
Screw-in Base Ballast
For CFL Plug Ins
Fulham Pony Series
Pony by Fulham
Operates 4 Pin CFLs
Magnetic core and coil ballasts for 2 pin cfls.
Magnetic Ballast
Operates 2 Pin CFLs
GU24 based adapters
GU24 Base Ballast
For 4 Pin CFLs
Wire nuts
Need Connections?
Wirenuts & Connectors