Lighting Retrofit from High Pressure Sodium to Compact Fluorescent

Atlanta Light Bulbs recently provided an energy efficient lighting retrofit for the loading dock lighting of a major retailer in the metro Atlanta area. The loading dock originally had 30 fixtures each using a single 400 watt high pressure sodium lamp. We converted them over to self ballasted compact fluorescent lamps at 150 watts each resulting in an energy savings of 250 watts per lamp and an additional 65 watts per fixture for a total wattage reduction of 315 watts. The ballasts in their high pressure sodium light fixtures accounted for an additional 65 watts of energy consumed adding up to a total consumption of 465 watts per fixture. Since they used self ballasted compact fluorescents they were able to utilize the same light fixtures which allowed them to avoid the added expense of replacing each fixture. Self ballasted compact fluorescent lamps operate on line voltage so all that needed to be done was to bypass the ballast and run line voltage to the correctly sized sockets within the existing fixtures.

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High pressure sodium lighting
Before 400 watt high pressure sodium lamps
High bay compact fluorescent lighting
After using 150 watt high bay compact fluorescents